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Blackmailing Sexy Sister Sara- her brother makes her get nasty so he wouldn’t tell on her. It was her last weekend of the school year and her parents went out of town. Sara decided this was a perfect time to have a party! She had an older guy buy her booze and she invited about 15 people over. Well, 15 became 30 wild teens. The party was a blast but when people started leaving, she noticed the house was trashed.

As the last guests were leaving, Sara’s brother came home. “Fuck, Sara- Mom and Dad are going to kill you!” He said as he looked around. He looked at his hot older sister She looked sexier than usual. Sara was dressed in a tight-fitting black mini skirt with black stilettos. He could see her tight bod, her perky tits, and round ass through the dress. Her legs were long and tan. He felt like his cock was hardening.

“I know. I’m screwed. I am going to have to stay up all night cleaning. Please don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

“I won’t tell if you do something for me. ” He said as he smiled at Sara, looking her up and down. Sara was a little drunk and she felt cornered. ‘What did you have in mind?” She asked her brother.

“Get on your Knees.” He says. “Fuck you. I am your sister.” He pulled out his hardening cock. “suck it” He tells his sexy drunk sister. Sara drops to her knees and takes her brothers cock in her hand. She puts it in her mouth and starts to suck her brother’s cock.

“Lay on the bed, Sara.” No, we can’t do this.” Sara responds.

“Lay on the bed and spread your legs. I won’t tell Mom and dad about the party and I will clean up for you. But you have to let me fuck you.”

Sara took off her panties and spread her legs so her brother could slide his huge hard cock into her tight pussy. It actually felt good. Her Brother came on her flat stomach and left her in her room to go clean up the mess. Sara laid on her bed secretly hoping he would come back and fuck her again.

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