Our neighbor Adam never knew my parents swung let alone that my father had given my mom the right to whomever she chose to indulge her fantasies. My mother knew Adam was hooked and hot over the ‘Affair’ but, I knew Adam would go to any length to keep from getting caught….


Me and my mom were fighting, she was PMSing and when she was on the rag she could be bitchy and say some insensitive stuff. Because of her monthly she had trouble finding guys who loved having their red wings. My dad was not one of them and had decided to go out of town while my mom was bleeding. Adam wouldn’t do it either and mom was sulking over it especially after the fact she’d baked her special brownies and brought them over only to come back with her plate completely still full and utterly rejected.

I just had to take it out on Adam because I felt that since he was next door and my mother was in need of a good lay his rejection was the reason why she was being a bitch towards me. My mother had secretly video taped them when she’d fucked him in our garage one day and so I convinced my brothers to make a copy of it just incase. I carefully left an envelope with a flash drive in it and a note of carefully made instructions for Adam.

Mom and Dad had gone through a phase were my mom had put my dad in chastity they’d really wanted to see what it would be like so I also left a discreet brown box next to the envelope that contained the chastity cage and a lock, but no key in sight….

He actually put it on!

You wanna know what happened next?

You just have for my stories of blackmail and fun sex adventures.