I bet he never thought I would find out he was a BBC Loving Daddy

Blackmailing my BBC loving Daddy, by taping his encounter! That’s exactly what I did and I loved every minute of it too! I’ve suspected for a while now that Daddy had been having an affair but I’ve only just found out who it was with. I’m stunned, just completely in shock. My Daddy is kinkier than I thought he was. I was expecting a cute blonde that worked with him or someone bubbly brunette that he met online. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Needed some money because I needed some new clothes so I went over to Daddy’s to hit him up. I called out but he didn’t answer me so I wandered around trying to find him. I was upstairs when I heard moans coming from his bedroom and I got turned on at the thought of seeing him fucking his new mistress.

So I crept to the door and quietly opened it to find Daddy getting pounded from behind by a muscular BBC. 

I had no idea Daddy and I both loved BBC and my pussy started getting wet as Daddy groaned and begged for more. Chocolate yanked his hips back, ramming his dick in deep. I grabbed my phone and turned it towards the actions, filming every thrust and moan. Chocolate’s big hands stood out on Daddy’s pasty white skin and he looked so strong as he fucked Daddy like a bitch. My pussy started getting wet and I rubbed my legs together as Chocolate let out a deep groan and filled Daddy’s ass with BBC cum. After they pulled apart I said “Wow, that was hot.” and Daddy looked up stunned. He grabbed the sheet and covered himself with it like that would make things better and Chocolate Dick asked who I was. I told him I was a big fan of black dick and loved seeing him pound my Daddy. 

He seemed amused by me, while Daddy was just scared. “It was so hot seeing you two I even filmed it so I could watch it later.” Daddy panicked and asked me to delete it, but I shook my head. “No, if I like it this much just think of how much Mom would like seeing you with a BBC.” Chocolate either knew about mom or didn’t give a fuck because he laid there smirking while I started screwing Daddy. “I could send it now to her or I could keep it a secret if you do what I want,” Daddy asked what I wanted and I told him a raise in my allowance and I wanted a small little show right now dedicated to Mom. Daddy refused to do it until I went to hit the send button then he let tell him what to do. 

He laid back and kissed Chocolate while moaning and saying how hot he was, how much better he was in bed than his boring wife and how he couldn’t get enough dick.

“Suck him off,” I said and Daddy rolled Chocolate all over his back and stuck his dick in his mouth. I knew he was tasting his own ass as he sucked on Chocolate BBC and I slid a hand down my jeans. I fingered myself slowly as Daddy sucked dick and I was dying to go home and fuck my vibe. So I kept filming the two lovers until I got lots of tasty footage to watch then let them stop. I’m going to keep this a secret for as long as I can because there are lots of things I want to see these two sexy Daddies doing. I’m going to make Daddy do all kinds of nasty, dirty things and if Chocolate doesn’t want to play this game with us then I’ll just find a new BBC for my BBC Loving Daddy to ride.

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