Blackmail Sex Stories: I told him not to email me.

Blackmail Sex Stories are the best to get a needy sluts cock throbbing! This is for my little blackmail bitch… you know who you are. So, Today I was going through my email, and I noticed just how many pictures you have sent me of that little pathetic peanut of yours! Its kind of a disgrace if you ask me! So, I sat here thinking to myself Why on earth would he send me pictures like this??
That’s when It finally hit me! HE WANTS TO BE EXPOSED!!

Yeah, I know he begs and pleads with me not to do it. Telling me that it is going to ruin his life and blah blah blah. When will he realize that I actually do not care about all of the whining he does. I mean he seems to think I care… That his whining will somehow stop me.  But, what is he to me besides a worthless little toy to play with…

I don’t want his cock, or him for that matter. I just want to have blackmail phone sex fun!

That’s all cute young little girls like me want anyways. What makes us so incredibly dangerous to play within the phone sex world… So unpredictable and so incredibly ruthless…
So, Here’s what I have to say to you. My pathetic little Black Mail Whore, your cock aching and getting you into so much trouble. Are you ready for this? Because I have decided to stop being nice to you.

You are in for quite the time of your life now. Get ready, the following days will bring you far more pleasure than you could ever imagine.
Pay attention and someday soon you will find yourself in my grasp. Feeling the fear set in as I slowly start to post your deepest darkest secrets for the world to see.

Showing you exactly what it is you need.

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