Years back while I was a Sunday School teacher I had a night of pleasure with a very young man. He had pushed and pushed until I caved that night. Afterward, I told Devin it was a “one-time” thing. As he got out of the car that night he commented, “We’ll see.” Hence the first of one of my blackmail sex stories.

I was treating the day as a usual day. After getting up, I ran errands, went to yoga and then home. My husband was out of town on business, so I was on my own for the evening. My phone rang, I saw it was a number I did not know. I let it go to voicemail. The caller did not leave a message. Little did I know, when I answered, I would have this new experience to add to my GILF phone sex.

Devin was a naughty boy and I was stuck with him now!

The number came up again later and I picked up. Devin was the caller. He said, “Hello Miss Frankie.” I said hello back and asked what his reason for calling was. Not even hesitating, he told me he wanted to come over for some fun. Thinking he was joking, I said not funny. His response was this is not a joke and that if he wasn’t allowed to come over he would be telling what between us. Crap, this kid was going to work this until the end of time.

I caved and told him to head over. Once he got to the house, he sat down in the living room with me. He told me we were going to continue to fool around and have fun, as long as he wanted to do this. Being at his mercy I agreed to do whatever he wanted. He said, “Let’s get started then!”

Moving from the living room to the bedroom our

blackmail sex story began.

In my bedroom, he told me to undress slowly for him. I did as I was told, and slowly disrobed. He then instructed me to get on my knees. After I was on my knees, he walked to me and pulled out his cock. Grabbing my hair, he pulled on it so that my face was looking up and told me to start sucking. I did as I was told.

When he had cum in my mouth, he had us move to the bed. He went down and started eating my pussy. I forgot how good he was at it and came very quickly. His dick was ready at that point and he wanted to fuck me. Sitting up to see how he wanted it, I saw he was pulling rope out of his pocket. He proceeded to have me lay on the bed spread eagle, facing down and tied my hands and feet to the bedposts.

I could hear him messing with something. Then I felt a “whack” on my ass. He had a whip and was smacking my ass and legs with it. Climbing onto the bed, he got down between my legs and slid the base of the whip into my vagina. It felt so good. Then without notice, he slammed his big cock inside me. He grudge fucked me until he came inside me and fell onto my body exhausted. As he laid there, he told me we would be trying many things in the days to come. He had me trapped in this situation and only time would tell how it would go

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