Blackmail sex stories often make my panties wet.  However, blackmailing my roommate’s boyfriend had me on full panty soak. The story actually starts out pretty innocent.  My roommate was introduced to her boyfriend, Tim by my boyfriend Cameron. Cameron had been dying to come over all week but my roommate always seemed to be there.  So he suggested bringing over him a friend to keep her occupied while he pleased my pussy. I thought it was a great idea and they really seemed to hit it off. The boys come over every weekend and some time during the week. Our little 4some would have all kinds of fun together.   We enjoyed movies, bowling, parties, camping and all kinds of things.  

This particular night, I believe it was a Thursday, Cameron and I was having some alone time.  At first, things were going great and we were having a good time. However, somewhere along he had begun to irritate the shit out of me.  I don’t really remember all the details that got me to that point, but I do remember suggesting that he leave and him agreeing.  

After he left…

I decided to take a nice hot shower, by the time I got out of the shower my roommate and Tim were there.   Drawing on my robe, I walked to the kitchen to pour me a glass of wine. They were just about to retreat to her room.   He stops to say hi and ask about Cameron. I told him that Cameron was locked out of my pussy for the night. We both laughed and he went joined my roommate, Kelly in her bedroom and I went to mine alone. 

Through the walls, I could hear them giggling and cooing.  I would be lying if I said I was not envious, being that I had sent my boyfriend home without getting any dick.  I could hear them even louder through the paper-thin walls of our apartment. As he began to fuck her, I began to hear her pleasure as if it were in stereo.  I couldn’t stop myself from massaging and fingering my wet pussy. I finger fucked my pussy imagining Tim’s big fat cock thrusting inside of me instead of her.  Feeling so horny and hot I pumped my pussy on my fingers until I squirted all over them. Then rolled over and went to sleep.  

The next morning…

I was off work and thought I would be in the apartment alone.   So I strolled through the kitchen in just my panties and bra. As I was putting the finishing touches to my french toast, I was startled by a voice that said, “You make enough for me too?”   I turned around and there was Tim staying in his boxer briefs, sporting a sexy hard on. Excusing myself, I went to my bedroom to grab a robe. 

Here’s how this turns into blackmail sex stories!

Not sure what was going to happen I made sure to put on the cam in my room.   I put on my robe but when I turned around there he was in my bedroom, closing the door behind him.  Damn, he looked sexy and I knew right then I was going to fuck him. However, making these videos would give me blackmail sex stories he couldn’t deny and I would have him right where I wanted him. I acted surprised and said, “We shouldn’t be doing this!”  He smiled then untied my robe, I pretended to yank it closed. “What about Kelly and Cam?”, I cried. “I won’t tell if you don’t,” he said as he turned me around and began to kiss the back of my neck. Protesting a little more as he grinds his dick against my ass.

He bent me over my bed, forcing my face down to the bed and lifted my robe over my ass. I gave what I knew would be my final protest and said, “What are you doing?” At the same time, I arched my back and poked my ass in the air so he could give me whatever pleasure he had in store for me.   I felt him sliding my, now soaked thong to the side, running his fingers up and down my wet slit. Then came his thick wet tongue. He licked from my clit to my asshole until I shuddered from the orgasm. Then he gave me one of the hottest fucks I had ever experienced.  He repeatedly expressed how much better my pussy was than Kelly’s.  

Here’s how I got it where I wanted him! 

After such a hot fuck session he began to sober up and think about what had just happened.  He knew that this would cause a wedge between him and Kelly and more importantly his friendship with Cameron.  None of which I gave a fuck about, what I cared about was getting that good dick when and where ever I wanted it.   I made sure to let him know that this was just the being of our blackmail sex stories.

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