Blackmail sex story of how my daughter’s professor blackmailed me. I went there to bribe him. My daughter was failing college and I would not allow her to ruin her life. Walking to Professor K’s office I was fully prepared to offer him a substantial amount of money for a passing grade. I had never met him before. He was a striking man, tall dark, and handsome. Myself, I was an upper-class no-nonsense businesswoman and everything about my appearance and mannerism screamed stuck-up snob! I shook his hand and sat across from him.

I wasted no time in getting to the reason I was there. Professor K, I am aware that my daughter is a few points away from passing your class and therefore graduating. I also know that she has come to you and offered to do extra credit and you have refused. So please, tell me how much of a donation my husband and I need to make in order for my daughter to walk across that stage on graduation day?

Sir, I think you misunderstand me

He smiled slightly and said, ma’am, are you trying to bribe me for a grade? Of course, not simply just saying that you could benefit from a well-placed donation if you were to mark extra credit down for Angela and allow her to pass this class. I smiled back but with cold directness in my eyes. At this point I expected him to ask how much but instead, he stood and walked behind my chair and placed both hands on my shoulders. “I think we could come to an arrangement, however, you need never take your checkbook out.” He squeezed my shoulders. I stood hurriedly and tugged my sensible pinstripe jacket into place and said sternly. “Sir, I think you misunderstand me, I am NOT willing to take it that far!”

He walked over and leaned against the desk, “There is the door, you may leave but if you do understand the grade stands as is.” I walked to the door and looked back at him. He was a good-looking man and it was for my daughter’s benefit. I walked back over to him and said, just what are the terms of your proposition. “Be my whore today and if you satisfy me I will help you out with your daughter’s problem.” He said. I slowly dropped my blazer to the floor and started unbuttoning my blouse.

my pussy responding to him

“Stop, he said go lock the door” I walked to the door and locked it. Turning back to him he said, now come get on your knees and beg for my cock!” I was taken back at him making me submit to him like this, but I was also turned on and felt my pussy responding to him. I did exactly as he wanted then after worshiping his cock with my mouth, he had me stand and strip out of my clothes.

He bent me over the desk and spread my white thighs and split my pussy apart with his massively huge cock still wet from my mouth. As he banged inside of me he reached around and squeezed my tits, “are your daughter’s tits as gorgeous and big as yours are, Simone?” I did not respond to him, I was taken back but my pussy was throbbing around his dick! “Is Angela as good a little whore as her mommy is? He asked as he continued to pound me from behind. “Stop thinking about my daughter, you can have me, but she is off limits”, I moaned making my words so much less effective.

I screamed in agony at the brutal assault

He laughed a brutal laugh and said, I might have to make both of you my whores. With that said, he pulled out of my pussy and slammed his cock so deep in my dry tight ass, I screamed in agony at the brutal assault! He pulled my hair until I was leaning far back against his onslaught into my ass. I was screaming out in pain and to my horror a building climax that was threatening to explode! Did he make me cum with his brutal rape of my ass or was it the thought of him fucking me and my daughter that turned me on so much, give me a call to find out more.

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