Blackmail Sex Stories With Pregnant Slut

Blackmail sex stories, even as fantasies, are so much fun. I love all the role play and I love getting what I want even more.

I stand outside the door wearing a skirt tight around my thighs and short, but loose enough around my belly to let my baby bump breathe. My shirt barely contains my tits that have almost double in size. Totally engorged and full of milk. I’m not wearing any panties or a bra.

He opens the door and smiles at me. He’s a married neighbor of mine. I sometimes cook them dinner and come over just to hang out. No funny business. Not even a little. That is, not until tonight.

I return his smile and he lets me inside. When he sits on the couch I sit very close to him. He looks a little uneasy as I caress his knee. He tried to shift a little bit. Tries to move away from me. My smile turns wicked and seductive and his face gives away his growing feeling of uncomfortable awkwardness.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time,” I tell him with a smirk.

He shakes his head. “You’re very pretty London. Yeah, I’ve checked you out, but I’m married and you know I’d never be unfaithful.”

I nod. “I know, but you will give it to me. Because if you don’t, I’ll tell everyone I’m carrying your baby.”

Hook, line, and sinker I thought as his face screws up trying to comprehend what I’d just said. “C’mon. You know you want me anyways.”

I don’t wait for his answer. Instead, I work my pregnant self between his legs, pull out his cock, and start sucking. He tries to push my lips away from his growing cock, but I put a stop to that right away. “Fuck me or I’ll tell your wife I’m carrying your baby.”

Despite his struggling, his cock gets so fucking rock hard for me anyway and I have all the fun I want while his wife’s at work.