My favorite blackmail sex stories involve none other than my perverted Brother-In-Law

Not only did I catch this pervert once, twice, but three times rubbing his cock into my pantyhose drawer. By the third time, I knew I had to do something. He’s my sister’s husband and sometimes comes over my house to do maintenance. Every time I go out to run errands I come home to find him throbbing and sweating with my favorite sheer black pantyhose. Little did he know his routine maintenance would turn into my favorite blackmail sex stories.

Of course, as soon as I saw him jerking into my pantyhose I immediately became infuriated, which is why this is one of my favorite blackmail sex stories to tell while I’m having phone sex. The first few times I just acted like I didn’t see him and let him sheepishly leave my house. But the third time around I stopped him and said, “Listen, if you think you can get away with jerking off into my favorite pair of pantyhose, you’ve got another thing coming.” So embarrassed and humiliated he was to realize I had found out his perverted little game.

That’s when I decided to turn his maintenance into one of the raunchiest blackmail sex stories

He begged me not to tell my sister. She’d leave him for sure if she found out that he was jerking off into my panties. “You know you can just pay to have the best phone sex with me instead of ruining my pantyhose right?” I said. He nodded his head sheepishly. “If you don’t get on your knees right now and eat my pussy, I will tell my sister and your life will be ruined.” He immediately fell to his knees and I took the back of his head with my hand and shoved my pussy on his face.

“Lick it and eat it you little bitch,” I said. “Please, please, don’t tell my wife, my life will be ruined,” He said with a mouth full of my pussy. I pushed him off of me and said: “this isn’t good enough, I want to see you put this giant dildo in your ass so I can photograph you.” He cried and begged me not to take his photo but nevertheless, he obeyed. I bent him over and shoved that giant cock in his ass. After taking a few photos, I spanked him till he was red and immediately made him leave.  “Tell my sister I said Hi,” I said as he walked out the door, looking like a dog with his tail between his legs.

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