Blackmail sex stories, Humiliated into my fantasy!

Blackmail sex stories, Humiliated into my kinky fantasy. My boyfriend was a disrespectful piece of shit and it was up to me to put him in his place. My boyfriend had a wandering eye and was checking out this tiny Asian girl in a tight dress while I was sitting right in front of him. He looked at me “why can’t you look that hot”. My face showing how I was feeling because I made him flinch with one look, that’s when my blackmail sex stories began.

Getting home I walked straight to my room. So I put on a skin-tight leather suit that hugged my tight little body. Then I put in a pair of strapped leather black heels. Then I pick out a tight little pastel pink sundress that is very low cut. A pair of white thigh highs hot pink heels for him. So grabbing my whip I was ready to make him beg for mercy.

I yelled for my boyfriend! Max walked in I shut the door locked it with a key from the inside.  “What the fuck are you doing,” he asked. “Get down on your knees” I commanded. “Excuse me,” he said the defiance clear in his voice.  Because I whipped him hard across the face to get his attention it let him know that I was not joking.

“We need to have a little adult chat about your behavior” So I whipped him harder bringing his hand to his face. “Get down on your knees” I commanded one more time as I whipped him again and He did as I said. “Good little Bitch!”

If you’re into Humiliation phone sex and my Blackmail sex stories turn you on, I would love to act out your fantasy with you.

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