Blackmail sex stories – This is part two of me revealing that I watched my friend blowing our science teacher.

I laid it all out there for him and gave my stipulations. He had to give me an A and fuck my friend and I. Easy enough right? Mr.Fuller didn’t need any time to decide, in fact, he held his hard cock up as a gesture to get suckin’.

My bestie and I both got on our knees like two wild college girls. Nikki worked his heavy sack while I tongued his cum hole. It was salty and oozed so much of the good stuff. Every vein was throbbing and bumping along my lips as I pumped along.

I don’t have many blackmail sex stories only because I am usually the one blackmailed!

Mr.Fullers breathing was ragged and both Nikki and I could tell he was very close to cumming. We each wanted a turn fucking him before he went and lost his load.

Nikki was first up. She was bent at the waist and kept her hands on the bathroom stall to steady herself. Being the good friend I was, I got under Nikki and licked her pussy until she came. Nikki tried to mute her moans in the collar of her shirt.

Licking my lips I got up and pushed Mr.Fuller out of Nikki. I jammed my tongue into her well fuck hole and savored the taste of her delicious cunt. Mmmm that’s the kind of shit teen phone sex is all about!

Mr.Fuller dropped to his knees and thrust his cock inside of my pussy. I worked my fingers into Nikki and pumped at the same rhythm that I was being fucked. My teacher pulled out and jacked off onto Nikki’s ass. I licked every bit of his cum up and snowballed it with her.

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