Blackmail Sex Stories: I Know What You’re Hiding

Blackmail sex stories make a regular encounter extra fun for me. You. Yeah, you. You filthy, perverted little whore. Telling me all your secrets, all the intimate details of your life. Spilling your guts about all the bad things that get your dick hard. I’m your best friend, I’m also your darkest secret, and I help you through all of your perversions and kinky fantasies.

But what reason do I have to keep all of this a secret?


You always treat me like a second-class citizen, as if I’m some filthy corner of your life that you’re ashamed of. Haven’t I shown you that I’m a lady as well?


Sometimes it really gets to me. Am I really getting enough out of this deal, or is there more to be had? I guess there’s only one way to find out…blackmail sex stories are the ones where I take the power.

My friends always tell me I should have been a detective.


It’s not difficult to find out where you live, nor who you’re married to, or where you work…I can even find out who your parents are. Gathering intelligence on you is as easy as finding a movie to watch on Netflix. All the fun for me comes from scaring the shit out of you and thus making you do whatever I want you to do. You’re about to plummet down a rabbit hole of depravity and possibly poverty if I have anything to do with it.

Oh, you say you’ve never sucked cock before?


Well, guess what – that’s exactly what you’re going to do for me if you want me to keep your rotten little secrets. Suck that big fat fucking cock for the camera or I will ruin your life. You choose. 

You said you’ll do anything...anything but that?


The more you beg to resist me, the more you’re asking me to open up your wallet…However, we all know that hush money isn’t guaranteed. What if a private investigator comes to me with a better offer for my intelligence on you? Maybe then you will want to double their offer…or give me something else I want. Too bad for you, the main thing I want is to make this absolutely miserable for you. These are blackmail sex stories, this isn’t about your comfort anymore. 


Alas, you see how complicated this can get.


Blackmail sex stories can get consume you body and mind! It’s really hard. For you, I mean. I record everything you say to me so for me so for me, it’s easy.


Blackmail phone sex that will make your heart race and your cock throb. Just another one of my specialties. Call me to find out. But remember one thing, weakling – hanging up on me doesn’t make it all go away. 

Hot Phone Sex!