Blackmail sex stories for the deadbeat losers out there.

Blackmail sex stories still aren’t just about us ladies.  Debt it s bitch.  Especially if you’re a jerk.  One minute you’re riding on a wave of success at a casino.  The next, you’re several thousand grand in the hole.  You can’t win your way out of this jam and you’re escorted to the back to the back by two muscled guards to face your punishment.

“I bet you weren’t expecting to have to answer to me,” I say I look over your losses.
“You remember me, you remember the filthy things you called me and made me do when you had money to burn asshole.  You did that to a lot of my girls working back here.  Now, look how the tables have turned.  Your debts bordering six figures.  How do you expect to pay the house back?”
You shrug smugly, thinking that I’ll roll over as you paid me to only nights ago.
But I smirk and inform you of the fantastic idea I have for you to pay back every penny.  You’re pushed into a dressing room with dozens of my associates, just itching to transform you.  They, too, remember what an asshole you were.
“How’s it feel to be turned into a bitch?  Having every last hair on your body removed for a nice, soft fuckable frame?  Wearing those thigh-high stockings and those six-inch heels.  Being transformed into one of our ‘no limits’ stock.  It’s okay if you struggle to walk in your heels at first.  Our John’s love fresh meat, as you already know.  And, since you’re just starting, we’re going to have a little party in a private room for you filled with dozens of thick-dicked black cocks who can’t wait to break your holes in.  Get ready for a long night, ‘Carmel’.  You’re going to be an anal sex pro after it’s all over, slut.
Are you a slut that needs a working-girl name?  Call my phone sex line and I’ll fix you right up.