As a phone sex operator, I am used to all kinds of taboo phone sex calls. However, this time I am one of the other sides of my blackmail sex stories if you can believe it! It started the same day as any, I woke up and spoke with my boyfriend at the time about meeting up later that day. Although, something would come up first. However, I guess I should say, someone. He was big, buff and I ran into him while I was grabbing myself some much-needed caffeine. Then, he invited me back to his place for some simple rough and tumble fun.

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I should have known better. At the time I really thought I was going to stay with my boyfriend for a really long time. There was just one big problem, his cock was average and I was an above average girl. So that is what led me to cheat on him. Today, Mr. Tall, dreamy and handsome was going to take the cake. He led the way to his apartment stopping to make out with me in the hallway. There was no hesitation one we got into his place either.

He had me on the kitchen counters and was eating my cunt right away.

I felt like I was in heaven. He pushed me onto my knees and shoved my willing mouth right onto his cock. That is when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. There was a second guy filming the whole thing! I tried to object only to have the stud shove his cock even further down my throat. He told me they had me by the balls now. That I was their little fuck toy or they would show the video to my boyfriend. Bent over on all fours he stuffed my ass hole. I whimpered out as the cameraman circled around me. He even creampied my ass leaving me full of his load.

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