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So, my Daddy is pretty crazy! He was playing poker with all of his friends the other night… He lost. HAH!

Although, that’s not the crazy part of this story. So during this super crazy poker game, Daddy made a bet! Daddy bet me…

So, Daddy’s friend came over today, and they sat me down to explain what was going on. Daddy’s friend was getting a little too close to me and I knew something was up! That’s when Daddy finally told me that he bet me to his friend for 24 hours. That his friend could do anything he pleased with me and I had absolutely no choice, and I couldn’t be a bad girl.

The way Daddy’s friend was looking at me was totally frightening.

I knew that I was in trouble from the way he leaned in whispering into my ear that he was going to enjoy this. I could feel him touching me, his hand sliding down my cheek. That’s when I turned to my Daddy and asked him what about my Step Sister!! I knew she has already been doing naughty things so she would be perfect for this!

“She can’t keep a secret like you can baby girl” was all he said.

I was so shocked my Daddy was really going to let this strange man do naughty things to me! I couldn’t help but cringe at the thought of him touching me! That’s when I walked out of the room pausing to listen to their conversation.

I heard the strange man telling Daddy that he would tell everyone about the time he was with his daughter… That’s when I finally realized what was going on.

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