Blackmail Sex Stories: I Made My boyfriend’s Dad Eat It All

Have you ever heard any hot blackmail sex stories? Do you have any blackmail sex stories of your own? Well, wait until you hear mine.

My boyfriend’s Dad, Frank flew in to visit us for a week on his vacation. Frank had never said anything to me, but I always knew he wanted me. One night my boyfriend wasn’t feeling well, so he went to bed early. I stayed up for a while watching a movie with Frank. After the movie was over, I went to take a shower. While I was in the shower I realized someone was standing at the door looking through the crack. When I looked a little closer, I could tell it was Frank. He was jerking off as he watched me shower. I instantly had a naughty idea, so I didn’t say a word to him. He had no clue that I could see him watching me.

I turned off the water and grabbed my towel. Frank had dripped some cum on the floor before he sneaked away. I walked into the guest room where he was, barely covered by my towel. I told him I saw him watching me. He denied it, as he was getting hard just seeing me in my towel. I told him there were cameras in the bathroom and I can see him clearly standing in the doorway stroking his cock. That shook him up!

He begged and pleaded and apologized for being the dirty old pervert that he was.

I told him I would make a deal with him to keep this our secret and let his wife or my boyfriend know about it. I told him I was going to climb into bed with my boyfriend and fuck him. So I would let him cum inside me, and once he fell asleep I would go back to the guest room, so Frank could eat his son’s yummy thick creampie.

He was shocked at first and seemed pretty hesitant. I finally got him to agree. After I my boyfriend filled my pussy with his cum, he fell asleep. I walked into Frank’s room. He was laying on his back. I didn’t say a word. I straddled his face and shoved his head to my pussy. He licked and sucked my cunt until there was no cum left. When he finished I put my finger to his lips, stopping him from saying anything. I told him this would be our secret unless he didn’t continue to follow any future commands that I gave him. Then I walked back to my room and cuddled up with my boyfriend.

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