Blackmail Sex Stories From The Wild West With Your GFE Gone Bad is a tale is quite a tale.

Riding into town with dust kicking up like demons outta hell the bandits appeared in a flash. Seeing what direction they came from was an afterthought to shiver running up my back. Knowing trouble had blown into town like a blazing fire set from the devil himself. Looking around at the faces on the townspeople I knew I would be among the brave. Tellin Blackmail Sex Stories like this will put the fear of god in some and a thrill down the pants of most.

Walking slowly backward I skillfully slithered away from the chaos on Main Street. The ruffians appeared to be headed to Sally’s Saloon of Phone Sex for a breather. Most dammed and degenerate folk looking for trouble usually do. Wandering into town frothing at the mouth for folk that enjoys living on the edge. Kickin’ up their heels and howling at the moon with the pleasurable company of one of Sally’s girls. Wearing nothing more than heels and encouraging a man’s need for good Fantasy Sex Stories too.

Arriving home at the ranch I fetched my Daddy’s guns. The fever took Daddy last winter and since it’s just been me and the stock. Doubting I can turn a profit off this ol land and cattle the folks of this town seriously underestimate me. In fact, as I gather these ol pistols of my Pappy I figure I ought to rename em. Rename them to Nicole’s Pussy Pistols. Might be nice to invoke some justice around these parts with some pussy.

Learn these bastards a lesson they won’t soon forget.

Knowing the heart of a low-down dirty bandit like these I will use what I got against them all. Dirty bandits always have a real Stocking Fetish, and with gams like mine, I’m sure to get the drop on em…

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke