Blackmail sex stories — sucking for all the the right reasons!

Blackmail sex stories are awesome because you don’t feel sorry for the person being blackmailed.  After all, when you find out what they did, how can you?  It’s never anything small either.  It’s always something extreme like catching a wife sucking three black cocks at once or catching a closet faggot in panties that he stole from my gym locker (*cough* TOM *cough*).  The blackmailer can even be seen as a hero!  After all, he’s righting a wrong at the end of the day and that other man’s semen shouldn’t have been in my mouth, to begin with.

The ‘Friendly’ Visit

Girls, have you been here?  So you’re minding your business as home when you get a knock on your door.  You go to answer it, not entirely sure who it could be.  You weren’t expecting anyone but, sure enough, there stands your neighbor.  You know the one.  The one who always staring at your ass or tits whenever he thinks your not looking.  It’s always annoyed you at least a little bit because he knows you have a husband or boyfriend in your life.  But then, quite innocently, he drops the bomb.

“Here are the pics to prove it”

Damn.  You were so careful.  No one should have been able to find out!  It makes no sense to even try and take his phone.  He’s most certainly made copies.  The only thing you can do is play by his rules.

“Since you were so ‘friendly’ to this guy in these pictures, how about you spread the love?”

You want to kick his ass for taking advantage of you like this but then you see his cock; his massive throbbing cock.  Your man’s tiny member is the whole reason you did what you.  You want some deep dicking.  That’s all.  You’re the real victim for having a hubby with a small cock.  But this neighbor…maybe there’s a silver lining in this ‘arrangement’.

What do you think?  Is blackmail evil or righteous justice for those caught with their pants down?  Catch Crystal online and call her up for some blackmail phone sex!