When I was 14 my dad was alwayssss throwing cookouts.. We couldn’t go a weekend without him cranking up the grill & having a few beers with his friends! I was a flirty little tease back then too 🙂 Driving all the school boys crazy when I set my sight on them & amped up the mischief..but I wasn’t prepared at all for a real man.. turns out, they’re just as silly as high school guys! And just as easy to blackmail. 😉One cookout during the summer, my dad invited a few more of his friends than usual. I’d been hanging around downstairs all day so I came up when it got dark.. I was hot, sweaty, and I needed a shower! It’d been way too HOT! My room was right across from the bathroom so I ditched the clothes and sped across.. After all, we were upstairs, so it was fine. I was messing around with my lotions and stuff when I realized I forgot a brand new shampoo I’d just bought – I left it in my room!
I thought I heard someone in the hall so I covered up in a towel, darting across the hall again and into my room.. but one of my dad’s friends was there! Joseph, one of the guys from down the street. And to make it worse, I had him RED-HANDED! He had my panties in his hand, and he’d been caught right in the middle of a big sniff.. What a PERVERT. I’d been wearing them all day in the summer heat, and I’d always been one of the girls who gets really wet easily. So those panties were well-worn for the day. It made me even madder!
I yelled at him a little, confused about what he was doing.. He tried to spin the story and say that if I told anyone, we’d both get in trouble.. but I knew the facts! So he changed his story and said that if I didn’t tell, we might both get something good out of it. So, realizing I could blackmail him.. I locked the door, and got my phone out. If he was going to be a little pervert, I was going to have fun with it. I started recording, assuring him that it was just for me..but that if he got a little crazy with it, I’d tell someone.
Dirty old man! I made him do all kinds of silly things..sniff the panties, lick them, stuff them in his mouth and sing about how much he loved them.. 😉 I was even mean enough to blackmail him into wearing them!


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