Blackmail Me & I’ll Completely Change The Game!

I should have known that my parents wouldn’t leave me completely alone while they were out of town for the weekend. For any rebellious little brat like me, I’m definitely having a party. So what if my friends trash the place right? The housekeeper can deal with it while I cure my hungover. But of course the time she’s running late is when I get caught. Little did I know that blackmail was in my future.

I come into the kitchen after last night’s festivities in just a tank top and panties and I’m not alone.
“Hi Victoria, have fun last night?” It was the neighbor, the person that was supposedly watching over the house. Fuck, I completely forgot about him. I smell blackmail.
“Uh, I wasn’t here last night, this is all my brother’s mess.”  I lied.
“No Victoria, I saw everything, even the group of guys doing body shots off you.”

Oh yeah, he’s going to blackmail me.

“Well?” He continued. “Should I call your parents and tell them the truth about the house or…?”
“No!” I interrupted. “Please! They already found out that I’m failing a class, this will get me in so much fucking trouble!”
“Just as I suspected. I think we can come to an agreement, maybe even a little deal” he said, slowly looking me up and down. I guess if he saw the topless body shot I was a part of then seeing me in no pants is hardly a big deal.
“And what the fuck could be on your mind?!”  I barked back raising an eyebrow.
“Hmm such a pretty face and tight ass, but that attitude needs an adjustment. You give me what I want and this little get together you threw is our little secret. I want that ass. Bend over and show me naughty girl” he said as he put his hand on the back of my neck and slightly pulled my hair.

“Fuck that, get out and if you snitch, you’re a fucking asshole!” Trying to pull away he only gripped tighter.

“Uh-uh.” He gritted through his teeth as he pulled my panties to the side. I let out a moan, I mean fuck his thick fingers instantly hit my clit, what could I have done?! Hmm maybe this is a pretty fair deal. Fine then, you want me, fucking take me!
Lowering my resistance to almost nothing, I let him rub me harder and deeper, feeling a finger slip into my ass. He was biting the side of my face growling as another slipped into my back door. I spread wider for him letting him have complete access.
“Mmm good fucking girl.” I heard his belt unbuckling and felt his cock against my back side. “Take what’s yours” I thought, showing a devilish smile and biting my lip.
I reached back and start handling his dick, feeling how hard the tip was and I guided it to my wet pussy. I let him think that was the last stop but I was only using it to moisten that cock before I let it fill my ass hole.

“Make it fucking gape. I’m a bad whore aren’t I,” I asked, playing into his sadistic impulses.

His hand was around my neck now as he filled me entirely sliding with such ease in and out of me. I bit into his hand and he lost control. I pushed him into the chair and decided to finish this fucker! I sat on his cock and my ass began riding him harder and harder, balls deep, like any slut should fuck! Oooh full fucking balls, all for me?
He was groaning, growling, moaning, guiding my hips up and down smashing me into him, looking at me in awe as I took control. I didn’t even have my tank top off and before I could rip it from me he was shooting his load into me, and oh yes his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. I grabbed him by his chin and slipped my tongue into his mouth.
“Our little secret right?” I asked confirming the world’s sweetest deal.
Catching his breath he let out a “Yes Victoria.”
“Wonderful, now get the fuck out.” I’ll be seeing him again soon , I’m sure…bad girls will be bad girls. Oh, and my attitude stays unadjusted.