A cheating husband deserves blackmail.

Sitting alone at the bar, rubbing the blank spot on his finger while he looks around the room with desperation in his eyes and delusions of sex appeal. I can pick him out as soon as I walk in. Looking me up and down as if he has a chance, begging for blackmail, probably squirting in his pants as I walk over to him. A hand on his thigh, a giggle… it’s too easy! I will seduce him and siphon his money until he is teetering on broke, barely squeaking by as he tries to afford my discretion and hot sex.

He’d do anything to keep me fucking him.

The funniest part is that he thinks that I am enjoying it… he can’t tell the difference between a real orgasm and a fake orgasm. He will never EVER be able to make me cum, I hate men like him too much! The closest I’ll ever come to an orgasm with a guy like that is when I am rifling through his wallet or taking pictures of him sucking my strap on, wearing my panties or jerking off in the corner. These are important tools in having complete control over his life.

I’ll have more than enough to rip everything away from him; his job, his worth, his family. Sitting on a pile of his money, he’ll be completely broke and alone whenever I decide that I am finished with him. Oh the joy that I feel when he finally gets what he deserves and his wife is liberated from his infantile and selfish ways, stealing his money so that I can give it back to her.

Does this speak to you? Are you him? Well here’s something I’d like to say to you:

How dare you, you selfish motherfucker. Why wouldn’t you cherish the woman who waits for you at home, taking care of your kids, cooking your meals, washing your clothes? You are useless without her. You would literally be an unfed, disheveled mess who couldn’t keep a job. Your children wouldn’t survive under your care.

You may be an important businessman but her unpaid labor is what makes your life possible…


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke