Heels are his favorite, and black stilettos make him wild.

Black stilettos have something to them that drives him crazy. Something about the shiny gloss, the red soles, the thin heel.. Sometimes I even think it’s the overall effect they have on the outfit I’m wearing, and even my personality. I love wearing them just because of how sexy they are, but they’re my favorite trick to use against my current ‘fling’. He has a foot fetish, like a lot of other guys. And though he loves having the heels off so he can suck, kiss, and lick on every individual toe.. He has a weakness for these heels, and I love exploiting it!

No matter what we’re doing or where we’re going,if those heels are on, he’s basking in their sight and yearning to get me home alone. He’s thinking and obsessing about them, fantasizing about the second he gets to peel them off slowly and take my scent in. The heels have soaked in my scent and they’re like his kryptonite. Black stilettos, warm soles, bathing in the scent of me having worn them all day, specially when I pair them with some sheer black stockings. His cock shoots up at the mere idea of it all.. Sometimes I even like to play around with him like that and have him lay on the floor so I can walk up to him, heels to either side of his head. He can see my pussy teasing and tempting him from where I’m standing, but he has to decide what he wants more.. To get closer and maybe get a taste of my pussy, or to stay down there and bask in the sexy, soft little feet, and the black stilettos he loves so much. Sometimes making that choice is the hardest decision of the day for him, since he wants a taste of both so much… What choice would you make?

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali