Black Sex gets complicated, but it has its perks!  Working as a stewardess I could tell you tales for days, but my favorite one has to do with the first time I met “S”. He still flies with us on a regular basis so I can’t use his name.  But, the first time I saw him sitting in first class, I felt my pussy gush.

When he looked at me and asked for a glass of Merlot, I was a little nervous; spilling it all down the front of his shirt.

 “OH shit,” I said, “SO SORRY!”

 “No sweat,” he said, looking at my name tag, “Josette.  Pretty name for a beautiful woman.”

Then, he got up to go to the bathroom.  After a minute, I knocked on the door. He opened it with his shirt in the sink, rinsing the stain. Fuck he was gorgeous!

 “Everything all right, sir?” I asked.

“Yes, Joey, but you seem…nervous,” he said, glancing down pointedly at my breasts.  Embarrassed, looking down I could see my hard nipples pointing straight out through my uniform top.

So, I pushed him to the far wall, I closed the door behind myself and sank to my knees; unzipping his pants and taking his semi-hard cock into my mouth. Then, running my tongue around the ridge of it, he was almost instantly erect.  Moreover, despite the space limitations, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever given in my life!  And as he shot his massive load down my throat I swallowed every drop of that sweet nectar.

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