It was time for the big black cocks to worship me!

I have come to accept the fact that I am a dirty little cum slut. I worship anything and everything that has to do with fucking. Don’t even mind if it’s with a woman. I can’t get enough of cocks, balls, pussy, ass. and sticky warm cum. I have changed it up quite a bit after I experienced by first couple black cocks though. I’m addicted to stretching all of my holes with big thick throbbing black cocks. I was so wet and horny the other day I was literally begging for multiple men to come over so I could worship their cocks and for them to have their way with me.

Went online and posted an ad called “I NEED BLACK COCKS – COME NOW!” I had quite a few responds but one email in particular was from a group of black friends who also were craving to fuck. I didn’t know how many he was talking about until they showed up at my door. There were THREE extremely sexy black men standing at my door. I was so ready to get my holes used that I even answered the door naked. One of the bigger black men picked me up and carried me to the couch. As he carried me he had his pointer finger in my tight little ass hole. He set me down right in front of the couch and all of them began telling me how beautiful I was.

It was time for these black men to worship me. I was loving every second of it.

I had one of them behind me caressing me, kissing my neck, and rubbing my shoulders. The other two were on their knees massaging up my legs, rubbing my pussy, and even rubbing my ass while they gently fingered my holes. The man behind me sat on the couch and pulled me on top of him. He spread my ass cheeks and slowly put his thick black cock in my tight little ass hole. One of the men that were in front of me got on his knees and worshiped my pussy as he ate all of my cum from earlier out and gave it a nice warm tongue bath. I couldn’t believe how good it felt for it to be time to worship me. Three big thick black men were here to worship me.

I started feeling a little left out when I wasn’t doing anything to any of the men, so I slowly got off of the cock that was deep within my ass and I grabbed the big black cocks to each of my sides and started stroking a cock with each of my hands. The man to my left kept massaging the front of my body as he gently kissed my neck. I could tell I was making him feel extremely good because every time he was getting closer and closer to cumming he would pause and start breathing heavily. Kept jacking off the guys to my sides while I was getting eaten out.

I demanded that the men all cum. Being the little cum whore that I am I needed cum.

I wanted it everywhere including every hole. I demanded the two men to my side to stroke their big black cocks harder and faster until the blew their loads all over my body. Than, I demanded the man who was eating me out, to stop and fuck me as hard and rough as he could until he blew his sticky warm load in my pussy. They all obeyed.

I started the night begging for cock. I ended the night having three big, thick, black men worship me.

You could say it was a VERY good night.

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