Guided Masturbation From Catwoman

Does your cock need a little guidance from a sexy kitten? I can not wait to sink my claws into you and make you submit to me! My full, black latex bodysuit will surely drive you crazy! If you have been looking for a woman to own your cock, look no further. Because you’ve found the hottest Catwoman cock control around! Milking your cock through fetish phone sex is my favorite thing to do, of course. So now, sit back, and prepare to be dominated by your black latex bodysuit babe!

My Black Latex Bodysuit

As I enter the room in my black latex bodysuit, the first thing you see peeking out from around the corner are my sexy, black, high heel boots. Your heart starts to race as the shiny black outfit continues up from my heels to the top of my head. In one hand I have my tail, and in the other, a long leather whip. As our eyes lock through the holes of my black cat mask, you’re mesmerized by the piercing blue color. You try to catch your breath as I work my way towards you, twirling my long, black tail. I knew that you wouldn’t be able to resist my Catwoman cosplay!

Then, I drop my tail and take my whip into both of my hands. I stretch out the long leather strand and finally crack it down hard onto the bed. It smacks right between your legs, frightening and exciting your cock. As the evil, mischievous laugh escapes my red lips, your cock bobs up and down for me. I point with my long latex glove at you and say,

“Are you ready for me?”

As you nod your head, I slowly start to unzip the top of my black latex bodysuit. My creamy skin peeks through the darkness and I can see your eyes nearly pop out of your head. I pull the sides of my latex covered breasts apart and shake them. My tits fall out from underneath the skin-tight material and my pink nipples are exposed. Your cock is so hard for me and my pink nipples are rock hard for you!

“Let me see you stroke that cock, baby. That’s right, pump it up and down just like that! You are so fucking sexy! I love watching you pump that big dick for my black latex bodysuit! You make this little kitty dripping wet!”

Licking My Red Lips and Driving You Mad!

Then, I begin to crawl up from the bottom of the bed. I move slowly like a jungle cat stalking its prey. Your precum drips down your shaft and I, obviously, want a taste! Then, I reach out my finger and wipe it up onto the latex glove before guiding your flavor into my ruby red mouth.

“Mmm, you taste good, I could just eat you up! Now, squeeze that cock tighter for me. Imagine how tight this wet pussy would be wrapped around your cock. Let me see how my wet cunt would make your cock twitch inside of it!”

I start to rub up and down your thighs as you pump that meat in front of me. As I seductively bite my lips, you imagine how I would look with your cum dripping down my black mask. You feel the coolness of my latex rubbing up against you and it makes you throb even harder!

I Control Your Cock and Balls!

“Come on baby, show me with your hand how you would fuck me! HARDER! I know you want to fuck me harder than that! I want you to drain those big balls all over my sexy black latex bodysuit. Shoot that big load for me!”

After squeezing that cock tight, your balls look like they’re finally going to explode. You only get a few more strokes in before releasing your powerful groan and big hot load all over my face! Finally, the phone clicks off. Your phone sex fantasies have been fulfilled in the hottest way! Now you are just left in your panting, cum covered body. Obviously, you’re craving more of your sexy Catwoman in her black latex bodysuit!