So maybe you’ve heard the new pop music phenomenon Meghan Trainor and her song “All About That Bass” with the very catchy phrase “because you know I’m all about that bass, no treble.”

If you know a bit about reading music, you know that symbol for bass is the very round one and the symbol for treble is the taller thinner one.

Being a curvy girl myself, I can absolutely relate to her heartfelt encouragement.  Society tries to get us down, but I know that us healthy girls can really ~get down~ if you know what I mean! 🙂

I believe having more of a fuller body has so many perks.  My soft supple skin is obviously the first.

The second is that I have more to hold onto!  Have you ever lost your grip while fucking like beasts and lost your groove??  No fun!  My love handles are perfect to grab onto while things are getting hot and wild.

And the third is that when I get myself into a situation where I’m doing the dirty in an odd or uncomfortable place, I’ve got the extra padding I need to keep at it for as long as my (or your) heart desires.

When I bend over with my legs crossed, my ass looks like two bass symbols mirror imaged. Or my favorite way to think of it is a beautiful round heart.

With that image in your mind, I’m going to go lick my way through an ice cream cone!