I Had No Idea That She Was Bisexual

First off let me say that I love sex.And I love men.All kinds of sex.And I also Have played with girls as well.I guess I never considered myself as bisexual.Only because I don’t believe in “labels” when it comes to sex.

A good girlfriend of mine and I went out to a new club in the hopes of meeting some guys. Both of us are between boyfriends at the moment and don’t even have any fuck buddies at the moment. So we had our hopes pinned on this new club to get some fresh meat. No luck for either of us. it was filled with a bunch of losers and airheads. And neither of us liked it at all. We had a few drinks when we arrived. But the few guys that did approach us we wouldn’t have given the time of day to.So we ended up leaving.

We Were Drunk And Horny

It was only a few blocks from my friend’s apartment downtown, so we walked. Or should I say stumbled back to her place. And had a good laugh at the guys there.We vowed we’d never go back there. We were lamenting our lack of sex buddies. When I asked if she’d ever fooled around with another girl. She laughed and said she’d had a bisexual experience when she was in high school a few times. She’d gone to a private girls school and she said it was quite rampant there. Lack of boys, raging hormones and lots of the girls found ways to entertain themselves.

She’d had a roommate and they masturbated together a few times. And practiced kissing and even fingered each other and she’d liked it. But once she went to college and had lots of guys around.She kind of left the bisexual experiences behind. She’d had a threesome once in college and it was fun.But she didn’t think about repeating it a lot or anything. She asked why I was asking.And she shot me a teasing look,almost flirting. And I smiled back at her flirting as well.I said I was just so fucking horny and wanted some dick. But there was no dick to be had at the moment, apparently.

She Asked Me How I Felt About Pussy

She asked how I felt about some pussy and she leaned over and kissed me. I was a bit surprised, but wasn’t resistant to her advances.After all I had plenty of girl on girl fun before. I felt my lips open to welcome her warm, wet tongue. And Her hand soon found its way to my breast and was rubbing my nipple and making it hard as it responded to her touch. We were both half drunk and horny as hell and I wasn’t going to be stopping her. And whatever she wanted to do to me. I spread my legs open wider and her hand was soon creeping up my thigh and under my mini skirt. And I could feel her fingers at the crotch of my panties, which were fast becoming wet.

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She slipped her hand inside my panties and started to rub my already stiff clit. And I was soon grinding against her hand and could feel her fingers inside of me up to the knuckles. We were French kissing passionately and she was rubbing her still panty covered cunt against my knee. Seeking orgasmic release for herself as she fingered me and slowly brought me over the edge to orgasm. I hadn’t planned on having any bisexual experience with her when this night began. But it had turned out hot! She was grinding on my knee and soon made herself cum a few seconds after she made me cum with her fingers in my cunt.We sure had some hot sex that night.
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