Bisexual Sex Is The Best Sex

Do you know what really gets me horny? What makes my pussy so wet that I have to change my panties. That with just a slight touch to my clit I start cumming. Well, I guess you are just going to have to keep reading to find out…. Bisexual Sex!

I have many fetishes that really turn me on. But there is one that just takes the cake! As you may know, I love to be dominant. But to what extent…? I am about to tell you my biggest desire. I hope you enjoy it!

Have you ever met two people that you thought would be great in bed together? Just the idea of them having sex turns you on? They just seem so perfect, and they would work so well together. But what if the two people were both men? Straight men even. That challenge alone gets me wet, just by thinking about Bisexual Sex.

This fetish started when I was in school. I had two really good boyfriends.

Funny thing is, they both hated each other. They would always fight over me. It was like a game with them to see who could get into my panties first. So far I had not fucked either of them. I was getting a bit annoyed with their constant bitching and moaning about how horny they were. That if they did not get fucked soon their balls would explode.

After a few weeks went by I was sitting in class, we were learning about dolphins. Saying that they have sex for pleasure. We were also learning about animals with homosexual tendencies. My mind flooded with ideas and opened up my world to some new fetishes. If animals could do it so can we. So I conducted a plan. Later that day I invited both of the boys to come over to my house after school. They were not happy about the other one being there. But I knew they would soon change their tune.

I blindfolded them both, sometimes that can help someone come out of their sexual box.

I had them stand very close together, and I got down on my knees. Then I pulled out each of their dicks and started to suck on them. As I got them even more and more hard I started to brush the heads of their cocks together. Neither of them said anything or resisted. After I got them both nice and hard I had them both sit down on the couch. I wrapped one guy’s hand around the other guy’s dick and vice versa. I honestly did not think they would give in so easily, but they did. As they were jerking each other off, I pushed their faces together and made them kiss. Once again, did not take much force.

I thought it was about time to take the blindfolds off, so I did. As I slipped them off the two boys opened their eyes, looked at each other, then went right back to kissing. Even more aggressively this time. I sat back on a chair and propped my legs wide open.

As I moved my panties aside they both looked over. I knew they wanted me to join. As bad as I wanted to join and as soaked as my panties were, I resisted.

But I told them, “No, not until I see a show from you boys.”

I must say, I have never seen two men fuck like that before. They were so into it, and each other. It was like their dicks were made for each other. I just made two straight boys into little cock sucking, fudge-packing, bisexual sex-loving whores. Want to know if I joined them or not? Want to know all the nasty kinky details? Call me and I will tell you all about it along with Free Phone Sex.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke