Oh my fucking god.  It’s 1am… early Monday morning and I just got home from the airport.  I cant sleep because I can’t get Tiffany out of my head!  Who knew that my weekend trip to visit OSU would turn into a slutty,  sexy fuck fest. Tiffany and I are cousins by marriage and wow. .. all I’m going to say is that I should have visited her before now!  What started out as an innocent girls weekend for shopping, drinks and fun turned into some very naughty play time between two very horny, hot, sexy blondes!

I arrived early Friday afternoon and Tiffany was kind enough to pick me up from the airport.  I haven’t seen her in person in a few years, but she is fucking hot!  Wow.  So we get back to her place and let me know that have it to ourselves for the weekend. (was she hinting at something perhaps?) She offered to take me to my appointment to visit OSU so we could hit the town afterwards.  She was wearing this skimpy little jean skirt and tank top with those cute cowboy boots of hers I love. I’m sure she saw me staring at her…all I could think about what was underneath of that little skirt of hers.

We walked around the campus at OSU for a bit, but I couldn’t get how that sweet little pussy must taste off of my mind.  I have had my share of girl on girl, bisexual experiences, but I had no idea how Tiffany felt about it so I tried to keep my thoughts to myself.  I am sure she suspected something because I was being really flirty, so much so that the tour guide, Jeff, asked if she was my girlfriend.  I wish! Tiffany looked over at me and grinned…it was at that moment that I knew she was definitely curious about me, just as much as I her and that’s all I’m going to say about that right now.  If you want to find out more juicy details you’re going to have to visit  Phone Sex Kingdom …and there may be a very tempting offer coming soon.. 😉

Tiffany is so much fun since she ditched that ex hubby of hers!  Blondes might have more fun, but bisexual blondes have the most! 🙂