I’ve always been attracted to girls but didn’t accept that I was bisexual until camp.

I just needed the right experience to fully come out as bisexual. Peggy was my best friend at the summer camp for years. I lived in Ohio and she lived in Michigan so we only saw each other over the summer. By the time that I was 16, I was a bad girl. Peggy wasn’t a perfect angel but I was always the one getting us into trouble. She liked hanging out with me so she would tag along when I would sneak off to do things like smoke cigarettes in the woods or get stoned. One night I got all the girls in our cabin to play spin the bottle; our counselors were gone so we could do WHATEVER we wanted.

I remember feeling so excited when it was my turn. I tried my hardest to mask my anticipation, I didn’t want any of the other girls to know I was having gay thoughts…

The bottle landed on Peggy and we were the first girls to kiss on the lips. My pussy immediately became wet and I could feel my nipples get hard. We kissed for a long time, so long that the other girls started to tease us.

I felt my face turn BRIGHT RED, giving away that I liked it SO MUCH.

I told Peggy that I needed to use the bathroom and looked her deep in the eyes. She knew that I was secretly telling her to follow me. I left the cabin and made my way to the restrooms where I waited for her. She walked up to me blushing and I pulled her into me, our lips locking again for another long kiss. The two of us giggled until I took her by the hand and pulled her towards the woods and found a place to lie down.

I had fucked lots of guys at this point in my life, but never a girl. I took her hand and showed her how wet my pussy was. She said “WOW” as her fingers began to explore, finding their way deep inside of my cunt. She began to finger fuck me and it felt AMAZING. I moaned and swayed my hips on her hand as she gently penetrated me until I came. She held her fingers in front of her face to look at my cum; studying it as it glistened on her hand, tasting it and licking herself clean.

It was that summer that I finally accepted that I was bisexual. I began to come out of the closet, which was both exciting and very scary! I still feel a little afraid to be out about being bi, depending on who I am talking to– but the truth remains! I’m bisexual and I LOVE to have sex with men AND women.

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