Bisexual Girl On Girl Action With My Bestie!

I was feeling a little devious this week, and I decided a little bisexual action was JUST the thing to scratch that itch! I needed to be fucked in the WORST way. By the BEST fuck I’ve had in years – my best friend’s husband of course! For those of you that haven’t been keeping up with the saga, several months ago I started a dirty, homewrecking affair with my best friend’s husband. (You can read all of my Kinky Kingdom posts HERE to catch up!) Since he is being punished for knocking her up before ME and ruining my ultimate impregnation fantasy, I couldn’t cave in and let him fuck me! So – a plan began to form in my slutty little devious brain.

ALL she’s talked about for the last month is how HORNY she constantly is, and how he can’t keep up with her! Well, where a hubby fails, a Jenna can succeed! 🙂  She also confided a big “secret” to me- her pregnancy hormones are causing her to get wet every time she thinks about other women! This is a HUGE deal to her, since she’s never had a bisexual experience.

Or shall I use the past tense of the term and say she hadn’t… had a girl on girl experience!

I was at their house last night just hanging out, piled up in bed with her, watching TV. (She’s not too active these days – she’s HUGE!) We were flipping through the channels and came across some lesbian porn. I snatched the remote away so she couldn’t change the channel, and started teasing her about her recent cravings for another woman. She protested, but I could tell she was getting turned on as I talked about another woman softly playing with those huge, sensitive milk-filled tits and licking that constantly horny pussy! I playfully slid next to her and pressed my breasts up against her body and wiggled around a little. She laughed, but I could feel her breathing a little harder. I boldly slid my hand down that ever-growing baby bump and before she knew it, my fingers were just inside her panties, rubbing up against her pussy.

She started to protest- and then I slid two fingers inside her.

She moaned hotly and suddenly all that shy, awkward, FAKE modesty was gone. When she looked at me, I knew she wanted me to make her cum- over and over again! I eagerly moved down between her legs, fingers never leaving that hot pregnant pussy. They slid in and out of that slick wetness and were soon joined with my tongue softly flicking over her sensitive clit. I licked and finger fucked that aching pussy until she moaned so loud I thought the neighbors might hear! I knew her cheating hubby was somewhere in the house. Smiled to myself and went at her even harder! She was REALLY enjoying her first bisexual experience with her bestie!

Just as she was about to gush all over my tongue- he walked into the bedroom! The look on his face was priceless!!!

What happened next, you ask?
Did we stop? Did we let him join in? Was he upset or turned on??

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