Bisexual Fun

Being bisexual opens up the playing field for dirty little bi-sluts like myself. When I go out to the club with my girlfriends, for example, I have twice as many potential fucks to choose from! If there are no hot guys at our location? That’s ok! I can just scout out some sexy chick (usually a HOT redhead with intense green eyes), and turn on the charm! More often than not, we end up kissing to show off and front of the guys, and then walk out of the club arm in arm for a long night of dirty girl on girl fun!

That’s exactly what happened when I went out the other night. The club was dead, and soon enough, my girls were drinking one too many, and having bitch-sessions about their men. I really do feel sorry for you guys sometimes. Thank god I’m not the run of the mill weepy, clingy, sensitive female! I like to keep it light, have fun, and of course FUCK OUR BRAINS OUT! Whether I’m seeing a guy or a girl. I just don’t get all that whining and drama. It’s exhausting. Why exert all that energy on the negatives when you can be busy ENJOYING all the positives! 😉

I scoped out the place for hot potential guy fucks first. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the hell out of fucking my god son, my bestie’s husband, AND the hot young stud across the street. But sometimes a girl just craves a little random sexual encounter! On this particular night though, it was starting to look like I was going to have to start considering a random sexual encounter of the bisexual sort! No viable male prospects. I wasn’t in the mood for some nervous, slightly sweaty guy who thinks I’m out of his league but comes over anyway; then stumbles all over himself and walks away humiliated. (Some of my guys know the type, because you ARE that type! I still love you, don’t worry. I was just in the mood for a real man with a REAL dick that night!)

Scanned the room and realized that there were a disappointingly small number of hot girls in the room as well! Most were trying WAY too hard. And if I was going to eat pussy, I wanted a hot but laid-back low maintenance type chick. A little bit bohemian. Kind of a hippie chick, like me! Not some worn out disco ho that is in this same spot every night of the week after 8pm!

That’s when I noticed one of the waitresses across the room. She wasn’t serving our section, but as soon as I saw her I could think of a few things she could serve ME! Long, dirty blonde hair, all one length, casually falling down her back to nearly her waist.  Her eyes were a soft greenish-gray color that I was really digging, despite the fact that she wasn’t my normal girl type! She was quite tall, and thin; willowy if you will. I generally like more  curves on women; curvy ass, nice big round tits like mine. But there was something about this girl…

My friends were deep into the “men suck” rant when I got up, without a word, and walked to the other side of the bar, taking a chair at a table alone. They paused long enough to see the waitress walk over, and then laughed and went back to their conversation. They knew what was up! I was glad that no guys had come and sat down with me before I had a chance to introduce myself.

She walked over, and to my surprise, pulled up a chair and sat down next to me! Somewhat caught off guard, my surprise registered on my face. She laughed, explaining that she had noticed me earlier in the night, on the other side of the bar with my friends. (She noticed me huh? Encouraging!) But why had I moved? Why was I suddenly sitting in her section all alone? I explained that I had reached my limit for listening to their whining about men, and decided to have a little quiet. She put on this cute, fake-hurt expression and told me she had been hoping I’d noticed her too, and wanted to get to know her better; so I came to sit in her section. Hmm, this girl is onto my game.

I smiled and took the bait, however, and point blank asked her if she’d like to meet me at my house after she was finished with work for the night. Explained that I had just gotten my new hot tub out back. The guys I hired to build the gazebo around it had just finished earlier in the day. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate christening! She smiled and said she’d bring a bottle of something expensive and delicious for us, to have an ice bucket ready. I planned on having a whole lot more than THAT ready for her!

Even while still in mid-conversation with her, I was doing a mental search of my house to locate my strap on; my warming lube; and my double dildo; and, well. You get the idea. I had PLANS for this brazen bisexual bohemian hottie, with eyes the color of a stormy day!

I gave her my address and phone number, and gave my friends the slip. Hurried home (as much as I “hurry” for anything) and set about getting things all ready. I put some fresh satin sheets on the bed. Lit some candles in there for later, then headed into the kitchen to fill up the ice bucket, as requested. It suddenly struck me – I didn’t even ask her name, and she didn’t know mine! She had my address and phone number, but no idea who to ask for when she called! I giggled a little and the idea of a nameless bisexual hottie coming over to fuck me made my pussy that much hotter.

I carried the ice bucket outside, along with a couple of big fuzzy towels, and lit some candles out there as well. Setting the mood. But what should I do with MYSELF? Nothing too fancy I decided. This girl seems direct, to the point, and not really about frills. I couldn’t already be in the hot tub naked and waiting, because I had to answer the door, so I settled on my feminine but non-frilly poet’s shirt. nothing underneath – not even panties. I pulled the tops of the sleeves down so that my shoulders were bared, and you could see my perfect cleavage.

There. Everything was ready just as I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to find her standing there smiling, a bottle of Dom in her hand. (I could picture the cool pale liquid streaming down over her tits as I poured it over them in the hot tub, then licked it all up…)

Keep your eye out for Part 2 of my girl on girl hot tub fuck with the nameless bisexual bohemian hottie! Or, call me and I’ll fill you in on the rest of the night. There’s MUCH more to THIS story!

Your Slut for Random Bisexual Encounters,

Best Phone Sex!