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I look everywhere for John but he’s nowhere to be seen. Did he see enough and leave? Then I hear his voice coming from inside the house. He’s confronting his wife and best friend. John is upset and devastated by catching his slutty cheating housewife with his best friend. I wanted to go rescue my friend but this was something they were going to need to work on themselves. After John confronts and questions Cynthia has no problem returning fire. She doesn’t go easy on him and has no problem telling him what she wants is a man. It’s been hard pretending you satisfy me, she tells him. Cynthia let’s him know she has been cheating on him for years. She calls him a loser and he drops to his knees in tears. The relationship would never be the same. He’s about to be the bisexual cuckold husband.

In this moment I had no idea Cynthia was going to turn him into a bisexual cuckold husband. But when John fell to his knees, Cynthia and John’s friend laughed. She squats down and grabs his face. “If you want me to stay it comes with a price.” He says he will do anything for her. Even I know never to say I’ll do anything. The other guy and Cynthia exchange a look and then walks over to John. “You have to suck Robert’s cock” she tells him. I guess he is responsible for ruining the moment and now has to make up for that. John sobs and questions her. The only thing she says is “If you want me to stay then do it.” Finally he lifts his head, grabs Robert’s cock and brings it to his lips. John takes in one finally breath before licking.

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Cynthia pats John’s head as he sucks on Robert’s cock. “That’s a good boy” she says. John spits out Robert’s cock. “Now will you stay?” John ask Cynthia.  “Put that back in your mouth before I walk out now” she says. John grabs Robert’s cock and inserts it back into his mouth. Cynthia walk around to his back side and hold his head still while Robert fucks his face. It was hard to hear exactly what was said but I believe it was degrading and humiliating. I watched as they fucked my best friend’s face. It looked like he was gagging all over it. I wouldn’t be surprised after seeing how big Robert was. They move over to the couch and now John is licking Robert’s asshole. Cynthia is guiding John and giving the orders. Then Cynthia starts fucking Robert while John’s tongue is inside his ass.

She’s riding Robert reverse cowgirl and forcing John to lick her clit and Robert’s balls. Then Robert grunts and there no guessing what that means. He creams inside Cynthia in front of John. But then John licks her pussy and eat the cum out of her. I cannot believe what I am seeing but what comes next surprises me more. Cynthia has John bend over and Robert gets behind him. Yes! John the now bisexual cuckold husband is getting fucked by his best friend.  Robert’s dick is inside John’s ass. And John doesn’t seem to be fighting it anymore. His virgin ass gets penetrated and then Robert cums inside it. Then Cynthia makes him scoop it out with his finger and eat it. It’s amazing to witness her use of power over these men.

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After all was done I waited for Robert to leave. But I may have passed him my number on his way out. Can you blame me for wanting some of that big dick? I saw John the next day and it appears that night changed them both forever. Now John and Cynthia have a completely open relationship. Cynthia goes and finds the men and brings them home for and John. It wouldn’t be the first time I have heard of a cuckold relationship saving a marriage. Looking for a safe place to explore your kinks? Look no further. I’m that girl you can explore anything with it. No judgments. Don’t be afraid I don’t bite hard. Did you see my phone sex kingdom website?