My Bisexual Boyfriend

I never knew that I had a Bisexual Boyfriend. I had been dating this guy for a while, when I started to be suspicious of him cheating on me. I gave him sex when ever he asked, in any hole he wanted. I rocked his world. So I could not figure out why he would do this…

It all started when he started coming home late. He wold jump right into the shower and then pass out from exhaustion. He stopped trying to fuck me more and more. It was really bothering me. I was really confused. There was no need to cheat. I always told him he can invite any girl to the bedroom he wanted. So one night I decided to follow him to see what he was up to. I waited outside of his work. He told me he was working late. But I found that to be untrue. So I followed him to a small bar. He got out and walked in, I waited a few moments then I went in also. When I walked into the bar I noticed that it was full of men. Then the light bulb came on. My boyfriend was either gay or bisexual. I got really excited, all my fears turned into joy! I can’t wait to explore this new fetish with my boyfriend! So I walked over to him. He was leaned over, almost about to lock lips with a handsome, young, gay boy.

I stood there for a moment, then let out a, “Hey, Babe!”

He was immediately drawn back, his face turned bright red and excuse after excuse started to spill from his mouth. I just giggled. I told him that he should always be honest with me. I don’t mind if he is bisexual, or even gay for that matter. As long as I get to at least watch.

He perked up and got a huge smile on his face and said, “Oh baby! I wan’t you to play too!”

I told him, “Okay then, get your little boy toy and lets go home for some fun.”

So we all made it back to our place. My boyfriend did not waste any time. As soon as we were through the door, he started taking turns stripping me, and his new boy toy down. Sucking his dick, then licking my pussy. He was making sure that we were both turned on and ready to go! Of course I has to get a good taste from each dick. My boyfriends dick was nice and hard, and I could tell he was craving some tight ass hole. So I bent over his boy toy, spread apart his perky cheeks, and guided my boyfriends cock deep in his ass. I honestly sat back for a while and enjoyed the show. I love to watch two men fucking. It is so hot! After a while I got underneath the boy toy and started to suck his dick.

His cock was hard and he was moaning with each thrust that went deep in his ass. The I felt him start to pull me up. I knew he wanted to fuck me. So I skid my body under neath him and he shoved his cock in my pussy. It was so hot, we were all in a synchronized thrusting motion. We were all feeling pleasure at the exact same time. But it did not stop there! The boy toy pulled his cock from my dripping wet pussy, then went around and started to fuck my boyfriends ass. I immediately turned around and started to suck off my boyfriend. He grabbed me by the hair and started to face fuck me, hard. The best part is where the fuck toy left his cum! I am so happy that I had a bisexual boyfriend! The fun never ends! 

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