The Perfect Birthday Present for a BBC/Cuckold Princess

This year, on my birthday, I got the perfect present for a BBC/Cuckold Princess! It was a gift from my BBC lover Davon. In all the years we’ve been interracial fuck buddies, he’s been the stud in the cuckold equation. I’ve never gotten to cuckold HIM! He’s never been the one watching as another big black cock slides inside my tight little pussy and cums inside it! He doesn’t like the idea of me fucking other black guys AT ALL, which is what made his birthday present to me such a shocking surprise!

Last night, after I finished up with my 4th of July/Birthday phone fucking marathon, I met up with Davon at the bar, just after closing. All week long, I thought the owner was throwing me a surprise party! I walked in expecting to hear people yell “surprise!” Instead, all I saw was one very hot looking, bald, muscular black guy. He was at least 2 inches taller than Davon and about 3 times as big! My eyes couldn’t help but travel downward to check out that bulge in his pants. I looked. Then I looked again! I could hear Davon laughing from across the room and I suddenly had a flash of what the big birthday surprise was!

He introduced me to his sexy friend, Shawn.

  Shawn was already looking ME up and down just like I’d been scoping him out. He explained to me in that sexy, velvety voice of his that he thought this year for my birthday I deserved to get a number of things I had secretly been craving. Firstly, to have a big black cock other than his deep inside my BBC-loving pussy. Second, to cuckold HIM by having him WATCH this big black cock fuck me and cum inside me. Then making HIM lick up that BBC creampie for once!

A double BBC/cuckold experience? How could I not think this was the BEST birthday present I’d ever gotten in my entire life! When I turned back around to look at Shawn, he’d already stripped down to his boxers. As I watched, he pulled out his HUGE, thick, black dick! My puffy little nipples instantly got hard. My panties got damp as images of what was going to happen for the next several hours flashed through my mind.

CALL ME and I’ll share. 

Your BBC/Cuckold Brat,

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