Birthday Girl Gets Hot Group Sex Party

I’m the birthday girl and so far it’s been the best birthday ever.  A fresh manicure and pedicure was the perfect start to my birthday afterwards I was off to the spa to be pampered with a complete body massage. I know I’m getting birthday dick later but that full body massage got me so horny. After returning from shopping and pampering I getting the biggest surprise party from my best friend. There has been lots of drinking so far but that’s not the only thing that has happened. When there are so many hot guys around how do you choose just one the answer is you don’t. Drunken birthday sex is the best but drunken group sex is even better. Me and my new friends managed to sneak off and escape to my bedroom.

Their hands touching me all over really worked me up. I kissed one then I’d kiss the others everybody wants a kiss from the birthday girl. With one on my left and another on my right I pulled their heads close and convinced them to kiss. It’s my party and what I say goes right? They hesitated for only a moment but when I said I’d give them something in return their lips touched. After a kiss like that I couldn’t wait to see more so I grabbed their hands and got them to jerk each other off while I fingered my pussy. Those poor guys got so horny from touching they didn’t need persuasion when it came time to suck dick. I didn’t suck any of them they sucked each other all on their own.

I couldn’t wait for my birthday sex when I saw how big they were. They all took turns fucking each of my holes but I wasn’t the only one getting a dick inside me. I seen one bent over and getting his asshole stuffed by another but what really got me wet was when they all hosed me down with cum. I’m not the kind of girl that likes to waste a good cream pie but they did a good job cleaning up the birthday girl. The guys are now sober so they won’t admit they loved bi sexual experimenting . I’m not ready for this night to end who wants to make the rest of my birthday fantasies cum true?

Kinky Kelsey