Birthday Fuck Ghost Girl on a Reunion Weekend!

Do you feel like you can’t wait for your birthday fuck ghost girl? Let me tell you. Being alone on your birthday sucks, being alone on your birthday during a pandemic sucks ASS! Fortunately, Olympic National Park had just reopened. And, since their cabins are far apart from each other, social distancing wouldn’t be a problem. So, I paid online, grabbed my gear, and got the fuck out of the city. In no time, I was in the middle of a beautiful forest, with no protesters, no riot police, and no idiots waving signs that the whole pandemic was a hoax. The only downside was the thick black storm clouds rolling in. I was glad I’d stopped to get supplies. If a storm hit, I wouldn’t be able to leave until it broke. Now, I felt like some hot phone sex to get me through!
I found the key right under the mat where it was supposed to be. So, I unlocked the door, stepped into the cabin, and closed the door behind me. Ah! Wilderness! My bag landed on the sofa; and I was about to check out what was in the kitchen when I heard the sound of the shower running. “Hello”? I called out and heard the shower stop. I waited, wondering if she was really there…again.

Birthday Fuck Ghost Girl to the rescue!

“Is there any hot water left? I really need to take a shower”.
“You should be fine, Tyler” giving me a look I didn’t quite understand, THEN. I’m bewitched!
So, I grabbed my bag and sweats and went into the bathroom. However, standing there under the shower, washing the grime of a three-hour car ride off me was needed most. And, just as I started to shampoo my hair, I heard the shower door open and felt soft hands wrap around my waist and very firm tits press into my back. Sticking my head under the shower I got the shampoo out. I wanted to see this!
She turned me around and grabbed my raging hard-on, stroking it and squeezing it, before dropping to her knees and in one fluid motion swallowing all 9″ down her throat. The water cascading down my back, I watched as Joey deep throated my cock and dragged her teeth across it almost painfully. Then, I felt her velvety soft lips and silky smooth tongue. After as much as I could stand without cumming, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and lifted her up.

Birthday Fuck Ghost Girl Revelry!

I knelt before her and traced the outline of her pussy with my tongue, drawn in by the pineapple scent coming from her center. So, I licked from her ass to her clit. Damn! She tastes as great as she smells. She moaned her approval. And, with her hand on my head pulling me closer to her, she let me know she loved what I was doing. So, I slid my tongue inside her and licked her sweet pussy from top to bottom and side to side. But, the more I licked, the harder she pulled on my hair bringing my face closer to her sweet center, and my tongue deeper into her pussy. When she came, she let out the most pleasing of sounds and she flooded my tongue with her sweet juices.
The next step, I turned her around I pushed down on her shoulders and she bent over from the waist, placing her hands flat on the tile floor. I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock into her tight, wet pussy. I made one long slow stroke and buried myself deep inside her. My balls resting against her pussy lips. Slowly, I fucked her. Fuck! She was tight! I thought she was going to break my cock! The faster I went, the more she moved her hips against me, and the tighter her pussy clamped around my cock. I’ve always had confidence in my fucking abilities; but within 2 minutes, I shot a load of cum deep inside her.  What a Birthday!
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