No More Birth Control, Next Step Impregnation

“I’ll make a mother out of you,” he said, clambering on top of me the instant after I had announced that I had stopped taking birth control tablets. With a ferocity that he had not shown in a while, he began to rip open my silky satin blouse before his hands began to slither over my body like a sex crazed impregnation serpent before they snaked into my panties. I gasped as he began to fondle my clit.  He began to tug at them until they came free of my thighs.

Now beneath him wearing nothing but a black pencil skirt. I plunged my head back into the soft feather-stuffed pillows as his lips began to tenderly kiss a trail from my abdomen to the moist lips of my pussy as he rolled the hem of the skirt upwards. His lips began to flicker against my slit as he aimed to turn me on and make me crave his cock. A goal which he achieved with relative ease. Sensing that I was overpowered by his sexual advances, he withdrew the chilling, damp touch of his tongue from my clit and began to shift the weight of his muscular frame so that he was positioned completely above me. His crotch brushing against my own as his lips embraced mine.

Slowly yet powerfully, he began to insert his erect member into my trembling vagina.

I could see in his eyes that he had been waiting for this moment as he slipped into me unprotected. Nothing sheathed the veined skin of his cock, and as he began to thrust his hips. The truly intimate touch of his shaft stroked my insides as I could see him finally act out his impregnation fantasy. As he rocked my body, the posts of the bed began to tap against the cream wallpaper, and I tilted my head backwards, very much welcoming the raw, uninhibited sexual sensation.

It felt like our sex-life had re-ignited. It was primal, rough and vigorous. It felt almost dangerous that his cock could explode into the roof of my cunt at any moment. I gazed into his eyes as I bit my lips. I narrowed my gaze and gave him the look. The one that urged him to cum inside me – as I seductively traced my palms across his bulky shoulders. I looked down and my soon-to-be child bearing hips as they rocked under his touch. Before long, my passionate moans began to slice through the air.

By the time the full-strength of my orgasm had kicked in, my pussy was feeling raw and tender.

He was taking a long time to cum. I would have to endure the growing pain in my cunt should I go ahead with my plan to allow him to cum inside me. I pulled him towards my chest and bit into his flesh as I masked my groans, but eventually, the moment that I was waiting for finally arrived. The wait was worth it; what felt like a gallon of his spunk was now swimming freely around my pussy.

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