Maryanne knew the bird box would warn her of danger…

In a post-apocalyptic world, the only survivors have gathered together in a small compound. There is an invisible force that will make you kill yourself if you lay eyes on it. The only way to survive outside of the house is to stay blindfolded and rely on your other senses. Maryanne carries a bird box with her so the chirping can alert her to when the deadly force is nearby.

One day, she ventured out into the woods to forage for berries and mushrooms. Blindfolded, she walked slowly through the trees with her bird box silent on her waistband. Maryanne felt her way through the trees, feeling for the moss to guide her north. On this particular day, she stumbled upon a large patch of wild mushrooms around the base of a large tree. She bent over, setting the bird box by her side as she started gathering mushrooms as quickly and as quietly as she could.

Maryanne was on all fours on the forest floor filling up her basket with the found vegetables. Suddenly, she heard a twig snap nearby and froze. The bird box was still silent, so she was cautious, but not too worried. Then, she felt somebody behind her. A large, muscular figure was hunched over her on the ground where she stayed paralyzed with fear.

The large figure seemed to be human. Its hands started rubbing up Maryanne’s ass to the small of her back. Maryanne stiffened. She didn’t dare speak for fear of waking up the deadly force. She let out an almost inaudible gasp, and the figure caressing her body said, “Shhhhh” as its large hands roamed to her tits. The figure was practically on top of her, a growing bulge pressed against her ass.


What’s your mainstream fantasy? Let’s act it out 😉


She was wearing a modest brown skirt that was lifted to her thighs because she was down on her knees. The large figure slid its hands up her skirt, exposing her milky white ass. Maryanne was too terrified to move or protest as she felt flesh being pressed against her. “Shhh,” the voice said again. And with that, she felt warm, hard flesh on her ass. The figure ripped her panties to the side and entered her pussy from behind.

Maryanne gasped feeling the cock shove itself inside her. The figure reached around and covered her mouth while it forced itself harder inside of her. She reached behind her and felt bare, muscular thighs flexing with each thrust. The figure had a familiar odor she couldn’t quite place, but she was too scared to take her blindfold off or make a noise, so she stayed perfectly still while the figure pounded into her pussy.

Everything felt so much more intense without being able to see or speak. Before she knew it, Maryanne was creaming all over the stranger behind her and his hand had to grab her mouth and nose harder to stifle the screams. It wasn’t long before she felt his member unload a huge wave of seed inside her and the weight of his body seemed to collapse on top of her a bit.

Maryanne laid underneath the figure while he caught his breath. She felt him getting up. She stayed on the ground for several minutes afterward before rushing to grab her basket of mushrooms and tiptoe back to the compound with her bird box that never made a peep.


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