Bikini Season is my favorite time of the year.

I love everything about it. From the shopping experiences to actually wearing them, it’s just totally fun for me. It always seems like every year when bikini season hits, I always run into some sticky situations while I’m out shopping for that perfect bikini.

Sometimes I go alone and other times I go with a friend or lover. Bikini season requires you to roam store to store and sometimes this can take hours. I can recall a time last year when I went shopping with my best friend and we went to a sex shop. We had already exhausted all of our other immediate options and still hadn’t settled on the perfect bikini.

Didn’t head straight for the bikinis, though. We took our time and browsed the shelves. I decided I just HAD to try out a particular vibrator. My friend chose a g-spot vibrating wand for herself. We then made our way over to the clothing section of the store.

I was thrilled to see they carried exactly the kinds of bikinis I was looking for! Bikini season wasn’t ruined after all! I chose a little, teeny weeny black bikini and my friend chose a bright green, skimpy number. We were thrilled with our luck! When we went to try them on…that’s when we got into a sticky situation! We were both were feeling horny after being in the store for so long. So, we opened up our toys and we got each other off in the changing room.

Only after we both came did we realize we were being filmed the entire time!

We both felt a little embarrassed to be caught like that! Making our way to the counter to pay for our things, we spotted the guy behind the register grinning from ear to ear at us! It was only then that we noticed the security monitor sitting right beside him. He watched us the entire time! Still grinning at us, he reached down and rubbed his obvious rock hard cock through his jeans. The toys are on the house girls! And the bikinis are on sale! Bikini season sure has a way of keeping me on my toes each summer.

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