Social Distancing Entertainment

With the quarantine stay at home order still in place, I have had lots of time on my hands. I have been doing my absolute best to keep myself busy. Every day, I wake up and try to find something new and stimulating to do. Often I am cleaning the house or working out to keep up my toned physique. Some days I model all of my sexy little outfits and take selfies to pass the time. Today, I put on all of my sexy bikinis. The pictures were great but I was lacking praise. There had to be a way to show off my bikini in person while respecting the social distancing rules. Then, it hit me! I could go outside and show off my sexy bikini to the whole neighborhood by doing a bikini car wash in my driveway!

Commence Bikini Car Wash

This isn’t my first rodeo! I have participated in a few bikini car wash events with my sorority over the past couple of years. The only difference now was that it would be my own car and I would be doing it alone. However, my neighborhood is very lively and most of my neighbors love to be outdoors so I know that I will receive a lot of attention! With no other half-naked girls around, my sexy bikini would be the talk of the neighborhood! I’m hoping that not only will I be soaking wet… but my male neighbors will be throbbing hard watching my hot show!

So, I rounded up all of the supplies that I needed. A bucket of soapy water, some towels, a long hose, and of course my tiny bikini! Then, I headed outside and paraded my tight tan body down the driveway and to my car. Already, I have some eyes on me from the guy next door. He is just sitting on his front porch, enjoying the weather and a cold beer. Now I can give him something pretty to look at! My first move is to catch his full attention and show off my curves. Before I start washing the car, I am going to cover myself in some tanning lotion to reap all of the benefits of my outdoor chore.

Tanned Tease

His eyes are glued to me as I am rubbing down my neck and chest with the tanning lotion. As I pick up one leg and rest it against the car, I can feel his stare right against my round ass. My hands work the lotion into my legs one at a time, then I work them around to my ass. While I am massaging my ass cheeks with the lotion, I hear a little whistle come from the neighbor’s house across the street and a few houses down. Now that my audience is starting to grow, it’s time to put on the real show. Get ready boys, this will be the hottest bikini car wash of 2020!

I feel like an actress and the driveway is my stage. As I go over to the faucet to turn on the hose, I take my time bending over to show off my greatest asset. When the water starts to flow, I pick up the hose and pull it between my legs to aim at the car. A fountain of water shoots between my thighs and covers my car. The men around me are fantasizing about the ways they would make my pussy squirt like that if they were given the chance. My bikini bottoms have wedged themselves between my cheeks to appear as a thong. Then, I picked up the foam sponge and started to get nice and soapy for my audience.

Who is wetter? Me or the car?

My breasts were pressed up against my car as I leaned in and washed it thoroughly. Now there were at least 15 men up and down the block watching my sexy bikini car wash. I bet they were wishing that it was them receiving a sponge bath from me! Then, I made my way up the hood of my car, climbing slowly like a lion on the prowl. I hear hoots and hollers all around me, begging for me to take the hose to my tight young body again! My body is dripping wet and all soaped up alongside my car. I grabbed the hose again and sprayed it up into the air to let the water pour all around me.

Special Treat for My Social Distancing Audience

They watched as I soaked myself on the hood of my car and could hardly contain their excitement. To finish up my bikini car wash, I dried the car with a beach towel. They were disheartened to know that the show was coming to an end. But, I had one more surprise. As I picked up all of the materials and turned off the water, I turned to my audience. I set everything down beside me, reached around to my back, and pulled the string to my bikini top. I let it fall to the ground and watched the jaws on 20+ men drop!

Leaving them craving to see what I am hiding under my bikini bottoms, I picked up my stuff and headed inside. I wonder which of my naughty neighbors is brave enough to break the 6 ft rule and come over. Whoever the lucky man is, I’ll take him for a ride in my freshly cleaned car and maybe even squeeze in some crazy hot car sex to finish my day!

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