Biker Sex Adventures: The smell of leather and alcohol is such a turn on

Biker Sex Adventures: The roar of the engine, I learned something recently. Harley Davidsons make my pussy wet. Yes, the bike. The sounds of the startup, the smell of the gasoline, and the way I feel when sitting behind a real man, I’m wet right now just thinking about it.
Summer is right around the corner, so my friend took me to the beach for the weekend. You know, a little female getaway that would involve a lot of pussy eating. We do that about four times a year and pick a new destination each time. Who knew that the small beach town we went to was having a classic bike show? Well, she did but never told me.
The moment we arrived those hot men wearing leather caught my eye. Of course, there was plenty of almost nude women too. Since I like both, I was in a voyeur’s paradise. My pussy tingled with anticipation the moment we stepped from the car. My girlfriend was the exact same way. She whispered to me that we needed some pre-game oral sex before handling these bikers. Everyone knows a man who rides a Harley has a high sex drive. We were counting on that the moment we saw them. I just knew a Hot Milf Gangbang was in order!

Biker Sex Adventures: The roar of their bikes had me dripping wet

After a little lesbian sex, we both showered and put on our hottest bikini’s. Mine is a tiny pink one, and my friend’s had yellow polka dots. My perky tits look perfect in this top. I know that the moment I walked out, all eyes were on my tight body. I sure hope I don’t soak the panties of this bikini when those leather-clad men can’t take their eyes off me. Yes, I am confident, but I am also that good when it comes to flirting.
Catcalls and whistles, those sexy bikers knew we wanted to play. When you advertise the goods as we do, there is no doubt that a woman wants some of that hard dick. I even got my ass smacked hard as we walked to the beach for a little sin in the sun. I can’t get enough of that scent. Leather, sweat, and alcohol. The parties go on all night during biker week.
One of the hot Harley riders stopped us and told us about a party in a little bar off the beach. He suggested we enter the wet t-shirt contest because our tits were banging. You all know what we did. Of course, we slipped on those skin-tight white shirts and got ready to take a wet stream of water to the tits. Mine said “Harley riders make my pussy wet” and my friends, “Rider needed”

Biker Sex Adventures: I was soaking wet from Anticipation

I won that contest, and you know what the prize was? A trip to the back room of the bar with 5 of the biggest guys in the room. That’s so much better than cash. Since I wanted my friends to get her pussy stuffed too, I made sure to bring her with me.
Ten hands all over our bodies, those men manhandled us like we were rag dolls for their pleasure. A nasty woman knows a Harley rider will give her the best fuck. Stripped naked, the pool table and pinball machine became the beds. My feet stuffed in the pocket of the solid oak table, the first one took me right there. No foreplay needed. I was soaking wet from anticipation. My cunt stretched to meet his beefy shaft, pushing in balls deep till I cried out in pleasure.
The pinball machine now had a new player. My friend laid on her stomach and her pussy and ass ready to take another ball. What turned me on the most was that they never took off their leather when they fucked us. Feeling those leather riding pants slapping against my ass got me squirting across the room.
When it was all done, each of us had 5 loads in our pussy,  ass, and mouth. They told us to leave the rental car behind and they would take us home. 500 miles of the throbbing engine made me cum three times. That was from the bike, not the fucking at the rest stops. Never doubt that Harley riders make my pussy wet, and are the best fucks ever.
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