Tonya and I have been best friends for 10 years, hot lesbian lovers for 3.

Whenever Tonya and I get together we have tons of x-rated fun. We met 10 years ago when she moved in 3 houses down from me, quickly becoming friends. She’s gorgeous at 5’4″, long black hair, green eyes, big MILF tits, and a sexy bubble butt. With the prettiest, pink pussy! A killer personality who’s always down for anything. How do best friends start fucking you ask? Our husbands took the kids camping one weekend. Finally having time alone, we decided to get a little blow, whiskey, and weed. Once buzzed, Tonya and I visited an adult toy store, going crazy with our credit cards. We purchased sexy lingerie, along with a few toys, with the intentions of using for our husbands. Guessing my sexy girl never thought our friendship would bring her a big thick dick surprise down the road.

Returning home from our sexy lingerie shopping, we made a couple of drinks, did a few lines and smoked a blunt.

Feeling high as fuck, we wanted to try on our new lingerie, modeling for each other. Holy Hell, that woman certainly had my pussy dripping. Her body looked amazing in the black mesh bodysuit she had on. Pinching her nipples made Tonya giggled, grabbing my tits in return. My sexy mama and I started dancing to classic rock while drinking and smokin’ weed. Goddamn, we were super loose, feeling sexy as fuck. We started kissing, caressing each others body, feeling how wet we’ve made each other. We dumped some powder on each other’s tits, snorting it off, followed by sucking any residue off each other. After that, game fucking on! We fucked each other for the next 2 days, and haven’t stopped since.

Tonya and I fuck Monday through Friday…

Her husband doesn’t know we’re lovers, but mine does. So I’ve given her a big thick dick surprise before, but not from a young stud like Brian. Come her 35th Birthday, I knew I had to do something big and thick for my sexy bitch! Therefore, I got some kick-ass blow, mind-numbing ganja and some Jack Daniels for our sexy celebration. While fucking Brian last week, I told him it was Tonya’s 35th birthday. Informing my sexy lover he would be joining us for the day. As well as being part of our entertainment! Brian nor Tonya had no clue as to what I had planned for the day.

Big Thick Dick Surprise!

Tonya makes me laugh until I piss my pants, I think it turns her on. So I wanted to give her the same. My girl has met Brian in passing but doesn’t know him intimately…yet. I bought him a red and white mesh cheerleading outfit, tight top with a strappy back. And let’s not forget the red stockings! The top was white across the tits. I wrote across the front of the top in a thick black sharpie, ‘Fallon & Tonya’s Bitch Boy’. My husband and I have a sex room with a stripper pole, a big glass table, and bar. I had some big fat rails laid out on the glass table, with a fully stocked bar. Not to mention the 10 blunts I rolled for the sexy birthday girl. I was ready to celebrate my gorgeous woman, as was Brian, instructed on how the night will go.

Basically, just do what the fuck I tell you to my sexy little lover!

We planned on Tonya staying the night, so we could get our groove on! She was under the assumption we’d be hanging out by the pool, drinking wine and smoking weed. She was happy as long as she could have a night away from her family. When Tonya arrived, I led her to my sex room. When opening the door my birthday girl heard her favorite Pantera song, “Psycho Holiday” blaring from the speakers. Then she noticed Brian spinning around the stripper pole. Wearing his sexy cheerleading outfit, with a long blonde wig, mascara, and red lipstick. He was thrashing his sexy head back and forth while twirling around the metal pole.

When the song stopped Brian began singing Tonya’s Birthday Cheer. Jumping up and down with his little pompom’s.

By this time, Tonya was pissing her pants laughing at her big thick dick surprise! I loved hearing her sexy laugh, seeing that beautiful smile. All she had on was a tiny black string bikini. Ahhh, I couldn’t help but stand behind her, stroking her tits, while grinding my crotch into her plump ass. That’s when she noticed the glass table covered with perfect lines of white powder ready for her to snort. Brian was looking like a shy boy while we snorted our coke. I called him over, handed him the straw and told him to suck it up to his nose. After that, I made us all a drink, winking at Brian. He hit the stereo, jamming the AC/DC song, “You Shook Me All Night Long”. My sexy little man was dancing as he stripped his cheerleading outfit off exactly how I’d taught him!

Tonya was dancing with Brian, grabbing his young cock, stroking before dropping to her knees.

Fuck me, watching Tonya suck Brians cock was so sexy. She grabbed his tight butt, pushing his dick down her throat. Her big thick dick surprise was loving every minute of it. She stood up and started stripping off her bikini while dancing my way. I grabbed ahold of her naked waist, pulling her pussy to my mouth. As my tongue was tasting her sweet juices she pushed me on my back. Straddling my face, she’s grinding her cunt over my mouth while bending forward. I felt her big tit’s pressing into my body before her warm, wet mouth touched my juicy cunt. Brian is watching us with a rock hard cock, I tell him to stroke hard for us. Oh, how he did…and so much more.

Next week, the hot as fuck details of our erotic, drug and sex-fueled day!

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