My big teen ass has always gotten me in trouble.

My big teen ass drives men crazy. They’ve always wanted me for my ass. I’ve always been an ass sex queen and a naughty little slut. When I was a young teen, my coach liked staring at everyone’s butts. I was like “wow, he does not even try to hide it.” When he was approached about it, he denied everything, of course. He just said it was the angle of his eyes or the lighting that made it seem that way. Sometimes he’d even wear dark shades to hide it a little. However, everyone knew and we decided to make the system work for us.

So, one day I needed some extra credit, but I was not about to put in the extra work. I went to the coach’s office. I was wearing a bare minimum, a short skirt that just barely passed inspection in homeroom. After getting all dressed up, I came in and dropped my books. “Oh, crap! I am such a clutz.” I turned around and bent straight over at the knees to fetch my books off the floor. I knew my wet pussy panties were showing along with an ample amount of ass.

He cleared his throat and immediately sat down at his desk.

I turned and smiled, knowing why he rushed into that seat. With enough time and a little teasing, I leaned forward on his desk, depositing all my heavy books. As a result, the movement exposed my breasts from the buttons I had undone, showing him plenty of cleavage. Smiling as innocently and sweetly as possible, I pulled out a paper and asked him to sign it. Another second later, he asked what it was, never removing his eyes from my tits. After a big, I walked over to the window that looked out over the gym.

“I need some extra credit, and I thought you and I could work something out.” After saying that, I snapped the blinds shut. Quickly, I came back and turned around in front of him, bending slightly to place my ass directly in front of his face. “Kali this is wrong, I need to ask you to leave,” he mumbled half-heartedly. “Of course, you do! However, it’s your job to say that, but now that you have, let’s just move on.” I slowly pulled my skirt upward until my whole ass was bare to him, besides the tiny little thong in my big teen ass crack.

He moaned loud in his throat and started massaging my tight young ass.

He was kneading it with his hands, and suddenly he was sniffing it. His nose and lips were burying deeper into my crack. I stood there with my hands braced on the filing cabinet as I let him do his thing. First of all, he pulled my thong to the side and started licking my crack and around my asshole. Then, the man went wild and only stopped long enough to pull his cock out and start stroking as well. Soon he was licking hard all over my ass crack, and never once touching or showing interest in my pussy.

Seems like he licked and tongue fucked me and soaked my big teen ass all night, as I just stood there, and he jerked himself off. After he finished, I gave him a moment to arrange himself before turning, as I straightened my only clothing. Rather than leave straight away, I pushed the paper toward him and nodded down at it. “You won’t mention this to anyone, will you?” He asked, scared. “No, it is our little secret, coach.” I smiled, “I might have need of you in the future, right?” Assured that I had done the right thing, I walked out.

Once I closed the door, I slipped out of my panties, reopening the door just enough to push my arm through. I hung them on the doorknob so that he could see his prize, and I left. Then I proudly walked my ass to Mrs. Bradley’s office and handed her the paper for the extra credit. So if you’re looking for a little teen phone sex that’ll drive you as crazy as I did my teachers, you know who to call!

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