Big, strong, complete ejaculation

Big, strong, complete ejaculation- My masturbating buddy Jason loves to edge long and hard for hours. He is currently jerking off as I type this. He loves to spend hours kneading his huge tight full balls.

” I am an edger…I masturbate on the edge…I have big, dry orgasms as I edge…I leak lots of pre-cum…I get deeply gooned…hours later, I perform a full, proper ejaculation with your help.” He told me. We talk while he strokes his large hardening cock.

We talk about girls he wants to put his penis inside of. We say words and laugh a lot while Jason prepares for his huge release.

“When I pop, I shoot everything out — every last drop — it is nice and clean because nothing is left inside” to quote the Master.
Jason is all lubed up and he has his cock ring on. He is watching porn and looking at pics of cute girls. “Looking at faces and pussies helps me get off better. I also watch videos of people having sex”
He is getting close. His wet rock hard cock is sliding through his hand. The head is purple and swollen. It looks like it is going to explode any moment. He pulls on his big heavy balls.
How much longer should he go? He has me pick a silly trigger word. I tell him to say Squishy Squid.  He says he is soo gooned. He has been going for 90 minutes and he is “looking to nut”.
It makes me wet thinking about him getting his masturbation on. We like to talk about how it will feel when he touches the tip of his big thick cock into my tight wet pussy. I want that huge ejaculation to be inserted deep inside my tight pussy some day.

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