Big natural boobies – they made his orgasm seem to last forever and when it was over he collapsed in exhaustion. He left his still semi-hard cock inside of me and I moved gently on it. I always loved for him to leave his cock inside of me after he came and just cuddle and talk. It just seemed so intimate and sexy.

Usually, the opposite happened, though

He nearly always came in a few minutes and got up immediately. I hadn’t asked him to do this today, but he did it anyway on his own.

Feeling very content, I lay down on his chest and while he held me and dozed off.  I contemplated the fact that he was anticipating things that I might like based on things he knows I want and need. I really need to go back to the Boob Goddess website and read that FAQ! Who knows what other powers my big natural boobies had!

The next morning – a shocking and unexpected development.

I didn’t know it at the time, but something very unexpected happened when my boyfriend woke up. Although I didn’t know it immediately, my life was about to change. Later I slowly began to realize that this was potentially the end of my big bouncy boobies making my dreams come true. As my boyfriend woke up, he turned toward me and nuzzled my tits in a really sleepy way. So fucking adorable! When he was only half awake, he headed down to do some amazing things with his tongue.

Because of my big natural boobies, he did it exactly like I always wanted him to

He spent time teasing me, licking and kissing his way up my inner thighs. When he finally reached my clit, thanks to my big natural boobies, he expertly licked, sucked and nibbled me to three orgasms. And then, only after he completely satisfied me, did he push his cock inside. I remember thinking that he felt extra good in my dripping pussy – he was hitting me in places he never had been able to before.

An unexpected and potentially life-changing turn of events

A little bit later when he came out of the bathroom, he said, “hey, does my cock look different to you?” He had a look on his face that I recognized – the pleasant realization I had when I realized that my tits grew somewhat larger. “Babe,” I said with a lot of dread, “you’d better check your phone. Do you have a message from someone called, maybe, the Dick Goddess?”

Well, hopefully,  he already knocked me up…

He looked at his phone and started reading. And he looked more and more pleased the longer he read. Finally, he looked at me, reached in and started to pull his slightly larger cock out of his pajama pants. Then he said, “hey sweetie, take a look at my dick…”

The end!

So, you may be asking yourself “Stevie, now that your tale of big natural boobies is over, what will you be delighting us with next?” Well, lovely blog readers… I have no idea! Why don’t you decide! Tell me what sexy subject you want me to captivate you with!

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