I had always longed for a big dick scotsman who really knew how to  fuck. 

After years of unfulfilling flings in NYC, Miami and Portland- I knew I was looking for more. I needed a REAL MAN. The kind like you only read about in romance novels from the 1990’s. I kept my head in the clouds and buried it especially deep in those books. I even checked on phone sex sites to see if the woman had written about them. In my smutty daydreaming, a common theme kept popping up: The Big Dick Scotsman – a legend in itself around a family known as the MacDougall clan. They were widely regarded throughout the highlands for having the largest and most impressive anatomy. 

 I wanted to learn all I could about The MacDougall’s. Books, internet searched, sub-reddits but I knew eventually the ultimate ending would be to go to Scotland. I was becoming such a horny mother fucker. With my ticket booked, I packed only my sexiest lacy plaid thongs and prepared myself for the trip, and the orgasm, of a lifetime. Perhaps, running into a modern day relative of the family would be enough to fulfill my sexual fantasies. 

My big dick Scotsman was close, I could feel it in my clit and deep inside my yoni.  

It was my first day visiting the heather filled mountains, I strayed from my tour group overcome with the need to cum. After some poking around for a safe place to rub one out, I stumbled on a cave. I crept inside thinking it the perfect place to fantasize about my tartan clad hunk. I must have made a wrong turn once inside though as I found myself rabbit holing into another dimension. 

“Hullo Lass- you’re dressed scantily clad, even for a beer wench!” 

My eyes looked up to meet a strong bearded figure. Handsome, at least 6’5 with wavy dirty blonde shoulder length. Underneath his kilt his erection was massive – surely this was one of the infamous MacDougall men. I was awestruck by the sheer sight of him. This massive specimen – my big dicked Scotsman before me. I felt this intense feeling yet again in my clitoris. 

“Whaur dae ye come fae?”, he begged to know with a soft yet sadistic grin. My highland warrior’s eyes darted down, noticing my 32C supple freckled milk bags. Before I could answer, his large body had taken mine and I had begun to dry hump what I thought was his strong thigh, but..it was not his leg at all.

It was his giant MacDougall dong! 

We made love in that cave for hours. Finally getting the satisfaction of a lifetime, one worth waiting centuries for again. My big dick Scotsman took me in ways that I didn’t believe men could. I wanted to stay in his gigantic arms for the rest of my life but right after I orgasmed I was alone again in the cave. Reclaimed back to the present and pussy never the same again. 

Perhaps you are a modern member of the MacDougall family, or at least we could pretend in a romantic and kinky roleplay tonight. Call me for some hot phone sex tonight? 


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke