Big Dick Daddy Makes Her Behave In The BEST Way!

Who knew that big dick is the key to make me behave? I sure never guessed. But it took Daddy no time to figure out the best way to get me to walk the line!

When I was young, I was a wild child (yes I know, that hasn’t changed!) My parents couldn’t figure out what in the world they could do to make me calm down. My mother would be in tears after dealing with my rebellion. But I didn’t care. I was all about what made me feel good!

One night I snuck a boy in my room and was merrily bouncing away on his dick when my door flew open! There stood my dad! And boy, was he livid! There was practically smoke rolling out of his ears! My boy toy and I both scurried to get covered. Daddy stepped in the room and pointed at the boy. “You. Get dressed and the hell out of my house. And don’t come back”. The fact that he said it so quietly made it that much scarier! In a snap, that boy was up, dressed and gone while I was still lounging on the bed, barely covered by a sheet.

I was terrified but being the stupid youngster I was, I thought I could bluff my way out of this.

I was ready to lock horns. Slowly Daddy closed the door and started at his belt buckle. I was a little taken back! I hadn’t been spanked in years and now Daddy was going to resort to that? Started to get a little nervous. But he kept going when his belt was loose onto his button and zipper. And at this point he began to speak “Ember, what the hell are you thinking, bringing a boy like that into my house and doing those things with him? Why, I bet his nuts haven’t even dropped! You shouldn’t be doing those things with boys. Not when you can do them with me.”

At that point, he pulled that big dick out of his pants. It was so hard and so thick and so, well, BIG! My pussy tightened at just the thought of him sinking that giant fuck stick into me. I couldn’t help it! I wanted it bad! After Daddy was done showing me the joys of his big dick, he looked me in my eyes and whispered “Now, you can have this anytime you want. But only if you’re a good girl. If you misbehave at all, you don’t get it!” The perfect punishment to keep this rebellious babe in check! Big Dick Daddy knew the power that magic wand wielded!


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