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The boy was moaning, and his hips were bucking.

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I came several times and squirted everywhere. My nasty hoe has enormous staying power and did not come. He moved back down the boy’s body and pulled the butt plug out and had me insert it into his ass instead.

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I could tell it was tight, and the boy was struggling.

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The boy started bucking wildly, cum shot out of his cock without being touched and landed all over his stomach and chest. Shortly after that, my hoe let out a long moan, thrust his hips forward, and came loudly. When he pulled his cock out, I licked it clean.

We used the boy’s phone and took pictures of his cream pie and the cum on his chest. I had already taken a picture of my hoe’s cock inside of the boy. Then we texted the photos to the boy’s girlfriend. I wonder what happened?

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