It’s beautiful days like these that always make me think of my younger years, especially about my big brother. It’s been awhile since i’ve been able to enjoy amazing sex with him. I always think back to the days when we lived in the house together with mom and dad and how we’d make it a point to fuck in every room of each new house we were moved into! It was my favorite game.

my favorite and most taboo place to let him fuck me was on my parents bed, I remember the first time I managed to seduce him into it, I stripped down and left little sticky notes all over the house for him to follow. Up the stairs he went until he found my naked on all fours on our parents bed! “Mommy and Daddy are gone” I told him with my sweetest smile. The bulge in his pants was evident enough.

“Tins your a bad influence” he told me with a chuckle but none the less he pounced on me in the bed and kissed me, it was one of the few times we could really take it slow and enjoy every single part of eachother, I started at his lips and worked my way down to his cock and sucked him off until he was at the brink of cumming. He growled when I stopped “Why the fuck did you stop!?” He shouted at me. “Feel” I told him taking his hand and guiding it down to my dripping pussy. He spread my puffy pink pussy lips apart and positioned the tip of his cock at my entrance.

Rubbing and teasing me until I was whining and begging for it, thats when he slammed it into my tight wet snatch and gave me the pounding i’d been dying for. The best part was actually the fact that my brother busted his load all over moms favorite quilt and my parents never seemed to catch on or even ask us about it!

Won’t you be my big bro?



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